If you want to know what our opinion is, and what options we consider “best”, then this is the right article for you. However, in order to master the classic Blues guitar styles associated with the finger slide, you must first familiarize yourself with the different tunings that are key to those styles. share | improve this question | follow | edited Dec 22 '17 at 13:31. Which Acoustic Blues Guitar Should I Buy? If you’re just looking to read into the list that discusses the best Blues guitars, look no further! From blues, to country, folk to world music, even rock and pop - all have benefited from a great slide lick or two, and as such the guitar slide is very much as relevant today as it was in the past. (My electric guitars are strung with .012 sets with wound G strings.) In today’s article I’m going to show you 13 of the best beginner slide guitar … Best Guitar Slides for Blues, Country, and Other Genres. Derek Trucks. The guitar has a solid spruce top, a beautiful rosewood back and sides, and a mahogany neck that aids when playing blistering blues runs and soulful slide guitar. and also had one of the best natural guitar tones in blues. Best Acoustic Guitar For Blues. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top ... but kind of guitar ? Learn More. 1. The guitar slide is a much more complex accessory than most people give it credit for. James - who was actually dubbed the "King of the Slide Guitar" - is best known for his 1951 version of Dust My Broom (I Believe My Time Ain't Long). I’ve messed around with slide guitar tunings since 2005, and I love the way a slide sounds on the guitar. Stevie famously played 0.13s (ouch!) And as I have picked up learning how to play the guitar = Electric guitar. Contact Us Need Help? So the idea has often followed that thick guitar strings are better for your tone. The vocal timbre and mournful wail of the slide guitar has become inseparable from the concept of Blues Guitar. Being used by some of those old blues cats such as Elmore James, Tampa Red & Kokomo Arnold, even modern day artist such as Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell made use of this tuning. We've mentioned a few "blues-influenced" players, which is basically another way of saying "players who were influenced by Elmore James." What material? Rather than setting up your main guitar for slide, consider buying a second instrument . And it’s got a long tradition in the history of the blues, reaching back to Charlie Patton, Blind… As you can see, there are several decent options on the market, and the one you choose will mostly be dependent on your budget, body size and your style of playing. This page contains affiliate links. Today, we’re examining what we feel are the five best acoustic guitars for the blues under $1000. I have always liked slide and blues. Above , Martin 000X1AE - One Of The Best Acoustic Guitar For Blues Fingerpicking (IMO). To see what it can do, listen to some of their stuff. Slide guitar is an essential part of the Blues, I had to start with it. Top Nine Best Blues Guitars. Slides are sometimes also called bottlenecks, because the original slides were made from old bottlenecks, but now-a-days, as well as glass slides you can get metal slides and ceramic slides. As much as a piece of jewelry as it is an indispensable piece of musical equipment, the Will Ray Stealth Ring slide for Guitar will make your blues, jazz or garage rock sound all the better. To my mind, Derek Trucks is the best guitarist in the modern blues scene. SEE ON AMAZON . From the early slide and smooth blues of Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters, to the blistering style of Jimi Hendrix and the modern incarnations of blues gods (John Mayer anyone? Contact Us We're here to help. We round up some of the best blues guitars ever crafted - so you can make your guitar cry as hard as your heart. Now that you have the basic idea of sliding up to higher notes and down to lower notes on one string, let’s move on to the next logical place by applying this movement to progressively lower strings. I want to try this on an acoustic guitar first hand. In the hands of an expert exponent, it’s a thing of wonder. This tuning is also know as Vestapol tuning. Below is a list of my favorite, and most used, tunings for Blues Slide Guitar. We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post through our independently chosen links, which earn us a commission. Hi! We'll walk you through all the factors you should consider. However, as the name suggests he was blind. You don’t have to be an amazing guitarist to play the blues, you just need some general knowledge of some blues scales, some chord sequences and the will to play - a little heartache helps too. Yes it’s true Robert Johnson was a big fan of open G tuning, using it on a number of his recordings. Find the top 100 most popular items in Amazon Musical Instruments Best Sellers. Larrivee OM-40 Legacy Rosewood Acoustic Guitar – Best Overall Specifications. Known for his slide guitar (which is well prevalent in God Moves over the Water) and I guess you could say gospel-blues fusion style, Blind Willie Johnson, like many others of his era it seems, many stories exist but the truth of which are unverified.. If you’re a slide fanatic, the resonator Gretsch G9200 will be the best option for laying on your lap and running a bottleneck down. as I want to learn this magic style which is slide blues, using a bottleneck, I am wondering which kind of guitars, or which strings would give me a best effect ? More than any other guitar technique it depends on the right feeling. Yet with one switch of the selector, it reverts to a mellow near jazzy feel. Shop Sweetwater inSync SweetCare Events Careers Used Gear Marketplace (800) 222-4700 Talk to an expert! What size? Many of the original blues players used inexpensive guitars. Recommended Songs – The Road to Hell Pt. It has always been a guitar that blues players could enjoy and get the best from, which is why it was often chosen, and the bridge pickup setting on this guitar gives you a hard bluesy sound. It came to being as a brainchild of Will Ray of the Hellecasters. Which is why they tend to be the slide of choice for electric guitar in the rock n roll/blues genres. This is overly simplistic. Slide tones are so often heard in this context – on a film or TV soundtrack during a desert scene with a rattlesnake slithering past, for example. Discover the best Guitar Slides in Best Sellers. ), the genre is only going to continue to grow and influence music forever. I remember hearing “Dust my Broom”, for the very first time as a kid on the radio while my dad drove me to one of my first guitar lessons. Top Picks: The 6 Best Guitars for Fingerstyle in 2020. Slide guitar is different than shred guitar. If you’ve ever played the guitar with a slide, you know it can be tricky to play with in standard tuning. Grab your guitar and get started! The ring’s chrome plated for that smooth, satisfying feel. So what are the best guitar tunings to use when playing the guitar with a slide? Open D is an extremely popular open tuning for slide guitar. So simple, so effective. The two most popular metals are steel and brass… Brass being slightly denser and softer than, resulting in a slightly louder, yet darker sound, with a similar sustain. Here you will find some of the best guitar slides on the market, arranged into three groups based on their material to make it easy to find one that fits your playing style. He has done so by placing his beautiful blues and slide guitar playing at the centre of his music. The Blues was first started by slaves in the 19th century (In the United States), so that’s why you see primarily African-American blues players and singers dominating the genre. Prev Page 2 of 13 Next Prev Page 2 of 13 Next 2. Écoutez Best of Slide Guitar Blues par Various Artists sur Deezer. Here, I’ve compiled a list of the Nine best Blues guitars. The basics can be learned within a day, but to master it you need a long time. Tim. If you’ve developed an interest in playing blues, or are a blues guitar artist, finding an ideal guitar for blues is extremely difficult. Slide guitar is very much an American tradition, and when you play slide – especially on an acoustic instrument – it’s hard not to sound American. If you want to grind out some deep grooves with that new slide on your finger, get some heavier strings on your guitar that will maintain pressure as you slide. A cheap electric or acoustic can sound great for slide. Slide guitar sounds awesome in styles of music such as blues and country, but it is by no means limited to those styles. Having tested many over the last 40 years or so, I always seem to come back to light gauge Martin strings, which are great for picking acoustic blues guitar. Use open G tuning if you want to sound (a bit) like Robert Johnson Open G tuning: D-G-D-G-B-D (low to high) …hint: it’s a G major chord. Blues Song #2: God Moves Over the Water – Blind Willie Johnson. Guitar slides started as a part of Hawaiin culture and heavily influenced Delta Blues in the United States. Head for similar heights. The best guitar slide can mean a lot of different things depending on your style, guitar, finger size, and genre. Body type: Dreadnought; Scale Length: 25.5″ Top: Sitka Spruce; Back and sides: Rosewood; Pickup: N/A. Hi folks. Duane Allman’s playing on Layla and other assorted love songs just blew me away, the same did EC on Unplugged. I get confused. Beginner Slide Blues Lick #2: Slide Simple Too . He eventually got around to tuning a guitar to open D, placing it across his lap, and teaching himself to play slide with a socket wrench. In the past, the best blues guitar was simply the one that the musician could get his fingers on. Also, raising your action keeps your slide from clacking on the frets. 1 and 2, Where The Blues Come From, Square Peg, Round Hole, Electric Memphis Blue, Stony Road. And now, they’ve changed the faces of current blues, rock, and country music.So for a long time, people have debated what the best guitar slides are. To understand what makes a Blues Guitar, it’s best to start with the History of blues so you can get an idea of what has shaped this unique sound you don’t hear in other styles of music. Contact your Sales Engineer. Now… There are many acoustic guitars out there that will definitely be easier for you to play and will sound much better than others. It is however, worth knowing how string gauge affects your tone and playing. Download the tab & notation for this beginner slide blues lesson. The guitar is tuned to open D. D A D F# A D. For the record: the 4 chord is on the 5th fret and the 5 chord is on the 7th fret. Ever since that time I’ve been obsessed with the slide guitar sound. If you’ve just come in to a bit of money or want to splash the cash and get serious about an acoustic guitar for playing blues and country, then definitely gives the Blueridge a thought. I'm not much of a purist as far as guitar quality goes, but I do like to have really good strings. I’ve split this list up into two different sections: acoustic guitars for Blues and electric guitars for Blues.

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