Palms live outside all year round in Northamptonshire. Free postage. Actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height etc. £29.95. Shop great deals on Trachycarpus Trees. Wagners fan palm , a beautiful compact Trachycarpus that is unaffected by the UK’s buffeting winds and always looks perfection. Trachycarpus Wagnerianus. Trachycarpus wagnerianus - 12 litre 20-25 trunk, Trachycarpus wagnerianus - 15 litre 25- 30cm trunk. Buy trachycarpus wagnerianus and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! This incredibly beautiful and still rare Trachycarpus is generally regarded as the `prince` amongst Trachycarpus species, hence the name Trachycarpus princeps. Cold Tolerance: Miniature Chusan Palm is very cold hardy palm that can tolerate cold down to 0F. My wife bought this for me , really healthy looking plant and as descibed. more Format ... Buy Trachycarpus Fortunei Tree Seeds Plant Chinese Evergreen Tree Palm. If you are looking to buy a Trachycarpus palm tree then the most widely available and also tried and tested in the UK are fortunei and wagnerianus with the former being a good buy if this is your first palm. Thus, a formulae of 15:5:15 or 12:4:8 would be adequate. Originating from Japan and Korea, this hardy palm is well used to surviving the typhoon season, so it copes well with exposed, windy positions. wagnerianus. Your email address will not be published. Trachycarpus Princeps, also called the stone gate palm. I had been stung by high prices for poor quality palms when I bought my very first one but since then I found hardy palms. Trachycarpus will grow to the height of 12 meters and 2.5 meters wide No pruning is required. 1x3ft 90cm in pot Premium Quality -19 Trachycarpus Wagnerianus Palm not Fortunei. Excellent Service. An artificial first generation (F1) hybrid on a female Trachycarpus wagnerianus, hand-pollinated with Trachycarpus princeps pollen. Add to Cart. The Trachycarpus fortunei seedlings prefers a little warmth temperature but the fully mature palm prefer temperate areas. A palm tree needs to establish its roots first.Only when the roots have developed adequately does leaf development take place.Under normal circumstances no need to provide any protection in winter.However, it would be sensible to wrap the crown and trunk of your palm with fleece in a prolonged period of sub zero temperatures.Watering in rest period – sparingly Watering in active growth period – moderately Light – bright Temperature in rest period – min 7 °C max 24 °C (45-75 °F) Temperature in active growth period – min 16 °C max 24 °C (61-75 °F) Humidity – low, Trachycarpus wagnerianus is commonly known as Chusan Palm, Windmill Palm, Palm Waggy, Dwarf Chusan Palm, On average Trachycarpus wagnerianus grows 10-20 ft tall and 1-5 ft wide, A Trachycarpus wagnerianus plant bears flowers of color yellow, A Trachycarpus wagnerianus prefers Partial sun to Full sun, A Trachycarpus wagnerianus prefers watering Moderate. Buy Trachycarpus fortunei, the Chusan palm from The Palm Centre. Trachycarpus fortune is a hardy palm native to cultivation in Japan not seen in the wild. Refine. leading online shop for Trachycarpus Fortunei, Butia, Butyagrus, Cycads, Tree ferns, hardy Yuccas and Palmbooster. 1000+ seeds Windmill Palm, Trachycarpus fortunei, Tree Seeds. Hardy in most parts of the UK, very easy to grow and quickly grows into a beautiful palm tree that can be left to fend for itself in all but the most severe of winters. I can’t write a review on every plant I bought, id be here all day, but I can say that you won’t be disappointed! This palm grows along the Salween rivier or in Chinese "Nu Jiang" (Angry river) on heights of 1000 to 6800 m above sea level in a area that is known as the stone gate were it first was discovered. Don’t consider going anywhere else, these cannot be beaten. +44-(0)7770870639 Email, The nursery always remains open online. Have had four 9 ltr T. Wagnerianus so far this summer from Nigel and am about to order another two. Unlike Trachycarpus fortunei , it has somewhat better potential as a pot palm as the leaves remain nicer for longer , although ultimately it will befall the same problem as Trachycarpus fortunei in that without periodic repotting the plant loses some of its vigour. Trachycarpus wagnerianus, Waggie Windmill Palm, Miniature Chusan Palm. I have it in my back garden in row of tropical plants. Thus, a formulae of 15:5:15 or 12:4:8 would be adequate. Also have had quite a few of the smaller ones for growing on and they’re equally as good! also known as Miniature Chusan Palm or sometimes simply waggie. I am thrilled with the 2 x 9ltr Waggies Nigel & the team have sent me. Would recomend to any one to use this site , delivery was excellent and super fast. The Trachycarpus wagnerianus is an easy-to-keep palm that grows well under all conditions - even in cool and humid weather! I live in Yorkshire so just hope they will survive the winter here. ... Buy it now. Shop a huge online selection at For pot plantings or full blown coastal exposure Chamaerops variations would be better choices. How to grow Trachycarpus wagnerianus. Common Name: Waggy, Dwarf Chusan Palm. My whole garden is now full of not just palms but other tropical plants from Nigel, and if ever in doubt on how to care for them he is always happy to offer advice. C โ€ฆ Classified Ads. C $4.06 shipping. Young plants have a gorgeous, bonsai-like appearance with enormous customer-appeal! However, Trachycarpus Wagnerianus has smaller and stiffer leaves. declan-ogorman (verified owner) – March 16, 2018. my Waggie arrived in perfect health the other day, now to think of where to plant her in my garden?? Buy trachycarpus wagnerianus - plant and 6000+ more gardening products online. This hardy palm tree has proved to be an exceptionally tolerant palm tree for all the gardens in the UK December 2020 - Covid-19 update: We remain open to public throughout the national lockdown. Your email address will not be published. Don’t normally write reviews but always read them!, so thought I would share my experience with you. The Hardy Palm of Choiceโ€ฆ Trachycarpus Wagnerianus is a gem for the English gardener wishing to add an exotic element to their garden design. Over 1500 garden palms in stock. It is also ideal for small gardens or pot culture. Product is replaceable but not returnable. It is also less fussy, will grow almost anywhere and will โ€ฆ Grows well especially in rich, moist soil. It is a species which is close to the famous Trachycarpus Fortunei, windmill palm. Eventual Plant Size. Trachycarpus wagnerianus is a medium size palm that can grow up to 10-20 ft tall and 1-5 ft wide. Makes a great accent which fits well into small areas like courtyards and entries, It s a tough plant and survives in hot urban landscapes and even thrives there if watered and fed. £69.95. I live in the south west and it lives well all year long. My very first palm purchase and after doing some research online I decided to buy from Hardy Palms. Over 1500 garden palms in stock. Trachycarpus wagnerianus Miniature Chusan Palm or "Waggie" These rare and amazing palms are ideal for the UK climate, as cold hardy as the popular T. fortunei, but far more wind tolerant due to their shorter stiffer leaves, making them perfect for gardens in more exposed areas. You may like to add: Natural Root Stimulant - $ 5 (x2)? Select a preparation that contains microelements and is preferably a slow release formulae. Trachycarpus wagnerianus can be propagated by viable seeds taken from female plant and soaked in warm water for a couple of days then the seeds are cleaned and sown in the mixture of peat and perlite. So they are a great choice if your garden has a windy or exposed outlook. Its many attributes include the following: Small and very stiff leaves - only about 60cm (24in) across - and compact habit Jaunty and charming appearance from a very early age. Get outdoors for some landscaping or spruce up your garden! If you put the Wagnerianus in the ground, we recommend that you add extra quality soil around the root ball, which you can choose when you put the palm in the shopping cart. Cordyline Indivisa Palm Large 120/140cm. How to grow Trachycarpus wagnerianus. Lovely, well formed little palms that look robust and healthy. A slow release fertilizer with an N/P/K ratio of 3:1:2 or 3:1:3. A slow release fertilizer with an N/P/K ratio of 3:1:2 or 3:1:3. Dig them into the ground with a mix of garden soil and organic matter , and make sure they are watered regularly during the first year. You won’t be disappointed, well I wasn’t anyway just got to find space now for my next palm as Nigel has totally filled my garden front and back, :-). It looks amazing and has grown quite tall. It is undoubtedly one of the palm trees with the best qualities. My Waggie arrived in fantastic condition 24 hours after placing an order! Fantastic plant again, the 3rd palm I have ordered from hardy palms so far – each one has been well priced, delivered fast and healthy on arrival. Would highly recommend, Phil Hunt (verified owner) – May 31, 2018. Northamptonshire. Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items Item location. New . Free UK Delivery! Please contact me by phone 07770 870639 or by the contact facility to arrange an appointment. ... Make Offer - 100+Trachycarpus fortunei x wagnerianus palm seeds harvested in Vancouver Canada. 146 sold. The nursery address is: Rodlays Farm, Rock Road, Wick, Bristol, BS30 5TN, CORONAVIRUS - WE ARE STILL ALLOWED TO SELL ONLINE SO REMAIN OPEN AS NORMAL FOR ONLINE BUSINESS. To encourage Trachycarpus wagnerianus growth, No special demands compared to other types of palms. Required fields are marked *, Sign up to our email newsletter to be notified of all offers and promotions, Creators of Palmbooster For quick buy of Palmbooster and Fertiliser go to:, Hardypalms ( Nigel Kembrey trading as ) Rodlays Farm Rock Road Wick , Bristol United Kingdom Tel. A huge range of quality, hardy palm trees for sale. All species are from Asia, spreading from India through Myanmar and Thailand into China. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Category: Palms - Hardy & Exotic. The Japanese preferred them to Trachycarpus fortunei because of their architectural form and perfection, even though they are considered a cultivar of Trachycarpus fortunei. Buy Trachycarpus Fortunei Tree Seeds Plant Chinese Evergreen Tree Palm. UK Only. If you want to buy a hardy palm tree and put it in a place where there is a lot of wind, we strongly recommend the Trachycarpus wagnerianus palm. They are much better suited to windy locations ,the old Leonardslee specimens are almost 10 metres high and look perfect despite exposure, although a full blown coastal exposure may still be too much to cope with , the leaves can tear if subjected to too much exposure. I’ve got almost 30 palms now and other hardy tropical plants in my garden from smaller ones to large beautiful ones. Trachycarpus Wagnerianus is an easily identified cultivar, with small, stiff leaves.The leaf crown is hemispherical and often extended, especially in younger individuals. Trachycarpus wagnerianus Identification Sheet Origin From horticulture in Japan Genus Trachycarpus Species / Cultivar wagnerianus Common name(s) Waggy, Dwarf Chusan Palm Situation Sun or part shade, moist rich, well-drained soil Eventual height 5-6m Eventual spread 2m Hardiness Hardy to -15C or lower Skill level Easy C $8.11. Visitors are always made very welcome, but please note the nursery is open to visits only by appointment. Cant fault them. NEVER had a bad palm off Nigel. Over 81,000 plants and where to buy them Britain's best gardening annual, available now from RHS Mail Order and all good bookshops. Since then my garden has been transformed with lots of the hardy palms and all are doing great. Trachycarpus princeps stone gate palm. In habitat the palm has a green leaf, and a magnificent snow white bottomside of the leaf. A compact species of our well known Chusan palm. Its full name would be Trachycarpus fortunei cv. Trachycarpus wagnerianus quantity. the Fortunei. Everything is well priced and great quality you only need to shop around to see that you are getting a good deal! _ Get 1 Free Product Today _ All India Delivery _ Lowest prices. Trachycarpus Wagnerianus - Palm Trees , Find Complete Details about Trachycarpus Wagnerianus - Palm Trees,Palm Trees - Waggie Palm from Other Garden Ornaments & Water Features Supplier or Manufacturer-Gabriel Growers Inc. £69.95. Add to Cart. Very fast delivery and in better condition most local nursery and garden centres the leaves look stunning and exotic mixed in with bamboo and Aralia.

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