I have seen shy kids come to the back to school day BBQ, barely able to leave the car and feeling comfortable the first week. They may hesitate to speak out in class, hold back from the group, or prefer to keep to themselves, playing quietly in a corner. I shared your concerns with her and she believes Archway would be a good match for a shy child. She has a wonderful teacher, too. If you suspect this is an issue, work with the teacher on ways to give your child more challenge. You may discover school fears, such as mean kids or a teasing teacher. Now I'm trying to figure out what private school would be a good fit for her. Or any other school recommendations? But like I said, their school is deservedly highly-regarded with talented teachers who are able to handle the large class size. Mom of 3 shy kids, I didn't see the original listing and don't know which school district you're in, but many or all Berkeley public schools used Balanced Beginnings in Kindergarten, which can really help your situation. She is, however, also tends to be very nervous outside home -- extremely quiet during circle time, rarely initiates a conversation, and can't properly respond to adults' questions. They have a "buddy bench" where kids can go and sit when they don't have anyone to play with. It is a very small but academic school. You can help organize the game, and participate as one of the "students," but let your child steer the flow of the classroom. For example, his K/1 teacher and her teaching assistant got to know him so well when he was in Kindergarten that starting 1st grade was no big whoop. For a shy kid, it means they won't get overlooked, and they will be in smaller groups where it is easier to speak up. It's a process that can take time. I'm sorry to hear that your son is having struggles with friends. My son has gone from a reclusive quiet kid to confident and saying hello to all teachers and students by name. Many preschool-age children still feel most comfortable doing parallel play alongside other kids, observing and imitating rather than playing directly with friends. Everyone knows each others names (adults and kids alike) and in non-COVID times we have tons of community event throughout the year where we really bond as a group. So, best you can do is tour all the considered schools, talk to teachers, figure out best ways to support either choice, etc. He has been having crying spells at school. During the preschool years kids are just beginning to learn how to interact with peers and participate in group activities. Lydia Lewis, a Chicago mom whose daughter Julia had a hard time with preschool participation, found that supporting her interests made a difference. Children’s personalities are never the same, even within the same family. In a class of 18- they'll get plenty of focussed and targeted attention. I've had one child at Bishop O'Dowd and one at CPS. Shy parent, shy child? Shy kids can often find school participation and activity overwhelming. The Admissions Director's name is Lisa and you can reach her at 510-428-2606 x204. Selectively Mute kids will talk to a few people, but not most people...it varies in different kids. Don't make a big deal about it at a young age.". Best for Grade School Kids: The Shy Creatures at Amazon "The zany creatures are brought to life with quirky, colorful illustrations." This gave her a way to share herself.". and that confidence continues to grow. You can read the work of psychologist dr. Philip zimbardo for help. But easing his fears even a little can make school a more enjoyable experience, which promotes learning and is a worthy goal. It'll all work out in the end. Give your child chances to practice, but try not to make it pressure. If your kid doesn’t socialize with other kids and finds it hard to make friends, … If your child isn't well coordinated with scissors or glue, make sure painting or drawing is an option. In the 3 years he has been at his school he hasn't made any real friends. "Set up a school with teddy bears, and let your child act it out," she says. Social/emotional development (e.g. Pressuring them to speak just makes the anxiety worse. To support shy or naturally introverted children in exploring the world, Walfish advises parents to set up opportunities to practice social skills in a non-threatening way. "Let your child develop his own sense of what's comfortable. He's in his second year at a small, nurturing preschool. We are in a small school in the West Contra Costra district. I dunno if it was because she finally weaned (shut up! "It's okay to be quiet, and it's okay to be shy," says kindergarten teacher Charles Darby. Some children find school a thrilling experience: They wave their hands in the air to answer questions, belt out songs during group sings, and are the first to sit down for snacks. Preschool and kindergarten are a child's first taste of school, entry points for the years of education that lie ahead. So do you wonder how you could overcome that shy spectrum in children? Welp, about a month before kindergarten started, she just -- changed. Our current school does a good job of talking about being inclusive and accepting but I find that without caring capable adults on the playground to help guide kids towards these kinds of behaviors, inclusiveness isn't going to happen. "The key is to make sure you don't push your child too much," Walker says. This is the story of how, with the best of intentions, shyness turned into a mental health issue. How can I tell if my child is more than just shy? I think you should definitely check it out for your daughter. We are trying to encourage her speaking out and be more adaptive, but of course it takes time and efforts. One thing I want to tell you is that my younger daughter was painfully, terrifyingly shy before she started kindergarten. I really think that if you find the right public school, you will find there are many, many advantages that you hadn't even dreamed of -- and that your child is stronger than you think, especially if you are there to help her along the path. The teacher could hold a bug discussion using your child's materials as the visual aids, or create a bug station based on your child's supplies. Find out which ones your child enjoys, and make them part of the evening routine. My son is a very shy child. Some children have an easier time grasping new skills in a quiet place, without the stimulation and pressures of the classroom. But your experience with your young shy child will depend on the specific school. When it becomes extreme it interferes w/life and relationships. Your Shy Child School stock images are ready. Although it's great to have a range of personality types and temperaments in a classroom, teachers and parents naturally worry if a child is always quiet. We live in an area known for its excellent public schools, but were quite concerned that our shy, smart, rule-following boy would fade into the background. Then, when he was in first grade he had to step up to show the new Kindergarteners. That was a draw for both of my kids. How to help a shy child participate at school, Developmental milestone: Self-care at age 2, How to nurture your 2-year-old's imagination, the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information.
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