I does penetrate deep though. Would pre-sealing the wood, then apply a single coat of maple gel stain, then sealer and 4 coats of poly (sanding between) be appropriate to get that antique look back? Do you have any suggestions how we can get the two types of maple to stain the same and get rid of the red. I hate to say this, but I selected the most even planks, used Mr.Neil’s product, then applied polywhey and the result was disastrous. I like the grain subtle… And that being said, maple is affordable and plentiful in my area. However, there are millions of products and services on the web, and I only promote those products or services that I would use personally. Unfortunately that’s not much info to go on. Hi, :) Seriously though, I think wood furniture can and should feature the amazing variety mother nature has to offer. Almost too many to simply give you a recipe to follow. Take some chalk type paint of the color that you want the stain to match & just dot those areas with the paint. I have read above about using shellac as a sanding sealer before using gel stain, but I was concerned about the moisture tolerance since it was a bathroom. So I would avoid sealing ahead of time. Or are we stuck with greenish-yellow maple for good? I will be doing the work myself. Finding a birch plywood with the grain pattern I wanted required looking through stacks and stacks of 4×8 sheets but was worth the trouble. Thanks for the reply! I have maple cabinet ,having hard time getting dark cherry stain.can you pls. Available in the … I just installed maple floors in my house and I im having a big concern as to how to go about staining the floors. For those of you who don’t know, maple is a tricky wood to stain. In Darin’s case, from the “orange” tone he describes, maybe a slight amount of blue-green, green, or yellow-green tint in the shellac sanding sealer would produce the brown color he wants in the finished (pun intended) product. thanks for your response! Thanks for the reply as well. Custom made Maple. I wish that I had read your web site a couple of weeks ago. Thanks. * GEL STAIN. Maple is a true hardwood with a very thin grain that makes it harder for paint or stain … 1st thing is sandpaper the wood Walnut Stained Maple Hardwood Padded Kneeler with Shelf, 32 Inch Brand: Robert Smith. So at this stage, its probably worth a shot to try it before stripping the whole thing down again. Simply put maple is not a hardwood flooring wood that should be stained. We used the same sealer for the countertops that we used for the cabinetry… assuming that since it said it would dry clear, it would indeed dry clear. Hi Kylie. I dunno we will see! Sounds like maybe he used too heavy a cut of shellac in his sanding sealer. I want to use a cinnamon or pecan color for my maple hardwood. he thought the water would dissolve the finish. Went to Sherwin Williams and picked a stain of Fruitwood for a light finish. We just installed a brand new kitchen, custom built – cabinetry made out of something inexpensive and painted dark brown and then finished with ARM-R-SEAL, a heavy duty oil and urethane top coat. Homeowners are often suspicious when they hear this, since they’re offered countless options of stained maple cabinetry and prefinished wood flooring, Here’s a mix I would frequently use. That’s on a whole different scale so the tools/materials/techniques used might differ. Or should I just embrace the differences? The drawback is that it has taken me a while to learn to blend the base coat and knowing how colors layer was quite a learning curve. Staining Hardwood Maple Floors Discovering the secret to successfully staining maple floors Hard maple floors offer a nice, light, bright look to a room, and are often paired with matching cabinetry … In another words step-by-step instructions to finish a large surface of raw maple flooring. kindly let me know what perticular conditioner to use as well as the type of stain product to go with. Depending on the severity of the dings, you really may be better off leaving them alone. . So there are so many ways you can take this. And no, they don’t dissolve with water contact. I would probably drop all the way back down to the lowest grit you started with. But I am not the cabinet guy so I cant tell you exactly for sure all the steps taken during preperation.sorry. I am most likely the least familiar with sanding,staining, well woodwork in general than anyone on this forum. I was mistaken on the color my wife actually prefers the red undertone. Minwax Design Series washes, wood effects and waxes offer new options for bare wood and wood that's already stained. Help please. What do I do? From what I have been reading on this website, I think the solution to staining my birch/ poplar cabinet in a dark walnut color is to spray a fast drying dye on it. We don’t want to make them dark. If you have the resources, I suggest educated experimenting and ask a lot of questions. I am a weekend refinisher and the last time I tried to finish maple was 40 years ago when I was in college and it was a disaster. Just a clear protective film and nothing more. The goal was to keep them the original white/natural color or as close to that as possible – certainly not orange-brown. And when it comes to maple, you usually have to strip and sand in order to get all the old stain out of the wood. hm it sounds like they aren’t as bad as we originally thought… definitely worth looking into. When you stain those areas will blend right in with the stain & you will not even be able to see them. OK, Am the new owner of an apartment that has its original maple floors from 1903. I’m gearing up to take on my maple kitchen cabinets that were built and finished by my father. They advised us to stain first and then apply sanding sealer then Cab Acrylic finish. Designed and developed by Underscorefunk Design. thanks so much! Not only was there extreme blotching, but the uneven hold was nearly universal, pooling also occurred. UGH !!! Water-based isn’t the easiest stuff to work with so there will be a learning curve. Eventually, as you mentioned, it begins to simply look like paint. I have used this before on a different type of wood it was a perfect color! I noticed at the end of the video you use the gel stain over the Minwax. The contractor used Minwax, Early American. Keep in mind that many commercial finishers use toners and pigmented stains. Please & Thanks! After reading the entries above, I’ve wondered if its possible to add a thin coat of shellac now and continue staining to get my darker colour, or must I start over. I am staining birch plywood and Poplar hardwood in the same cabinet. For those of you who don’t know, maple is a tricky wood to stain. Hello, how soon after applying the cut shellac should the stain be applied? I am tempted to use the steel wool and then a thin coat of a dark brown stain to get it closer to the gunstock colour but would really like a second opinion?????? This is exactly what Darin was trying to do. Honestly, I haven’t done many espresso finishes so I would have to experiment a little myself. Coming along nicely. Your detailed instructions would be greatly appreciated. That levels the playing field, so to speak, and makes sure I have no issues with color of top-coat adhesion. Let dry, then apply your poly or nitro sealer. Gel stain, gel stain, gel stain. Hi Ginger. What do you suggest as lacquer? But you might try the Prarie Wheat color as that seems to have a little more orange in it. Kathy i am too now trying to go dark! Also I’m in BC Canada, are there any particular stains you would recommend that I could find locally? Hopefully the grain will swell enough to raise the dent. Today that person is me:-) I’ve been commissioned to make maple night stands in a dark chocolate colour (in Canada we spell colour this way! which is a rich mahogany. The wood is very uneven in color, and I want it to look like natural wood, but with an even color. Just an FYI post. Should I request new doors. Just apply it like your cleaning a wood with mineral spirits. There certainly may be other finisher tricks that some pros in the industry but from my experience, the best solutions are the two suggestions above. Hickory Flooring: Hickory’s varied grain pattern is more distinctive than what you see in either Oak or Maple … Good luck. Avoid Paint or Stain When Possible. But the only way to know how much it will help is to try. The stain has to be uniformly mixed. I recently embarked on my first flooring sand and refinish job after I tore up some vinyl and found maple underneath in my kitchen. When it comes to hardwood flooring, you have a lot of … So I feel for your situation. Will pre-sealing with shellac close up the end grain (the “curl”) and hide it? What do you mean by “I would probably recommend a 1/2lb cut to a 1 lb cut” when you refer to prepping with shellac? This means that maple flooring is quite hard, less prone to dents and … You might ask them though since it can’t hurt. I am staining my oak stairs to match my “gunstock” coloured flooring. If you're a commitment-phobic shopper, choosing interior flooring can feel like a never-ending process. After the fifth attempt I was able to get most of the clear gloss coat off, however my sanding techniques left scribble-like indentations all over the wood, the stain only enhanced these horrible blotches. Y es you can have your maple floors stained a different color. I want to go as dark as I can but still be able to see the grain. What wood were you using and what was the stain product? I’ve tried several brands of putty, tried tinting the putty first, tried a mahagony color filler as well as a natural color, all to no avail, they just come out very brown, almost black. The solid maple wood is durable and easy to care for, and the rich dark color complements any church dcor. I say use whatever one you have the most experience with and are most comfortable working with. The blotches are significant enough to ruin the entire look. We intended to stain everything a light gray. so yeah i got it to work. Would like to get the stain off and just have natural sealed floor. In the curls, quilt or figure of the maple there are varying densities in the wood. After we got it home we tried it on one of the shaker style doors. And yes, if you find the time with your young family I’m sure people would like to see you tackle this particular subject. Many thanks in advance for your thoughts, A, Well you can certainly add dye to the mixture to change the color. I have a HVLP gun to spray it. Would applying a sealer first give it some color. Most of the finish is gone. I highly recommend you get some practice boards and get used to the process of applying the finish. Unlike oak and ash, the grain … Probably within an hour or so is fine. Depending on what stain I am using, I may need to use a second or even a third application of stain to get the final look. “Blochiness of coarse” Would you kindly write back to me and give advice on how to go about staining my floors. Many techniques have been tried to correct the issue, including pretreatments, layering stain, and excessive tinting of finish. Upon applicaton of the second coat of stain, blotches appeared on a few of the doors fronts and some of the cabinet face frames. I always give honest opinions, findings, and experiences on products. Maple is also known for having an inconsistent grain pattern, often … My next question, my wife likes what color of the same before you wipe it off, she wants me to put a spray varnish or polyurethane on over when the stain dries. Can you please help in suggesting what should I do to achieve Jacobean stain look? One thing I’ve learned after all these years is a beautiful piece of maple will “stain itself” and a piece with little figure or a “turd”… you can’t polish a turd. make a review on polyshades please :) you are awesome! Thank you so much! The two options available are staining maple using a dye (water soluble or solvent soluble, or alcohol-soluble) or using a conventional resin-based wiping stain. Here’s my review of Polyshades: avoid it. What cut of shellac are you using? Needless to say he couldn’t complete the job. I am going to pick up some general finishes java tomorrow (and some schellac) and try that. The Wood Whisperer, The Wood Whisperer Guild, TWW, and TWW Guild are trademarks of The Wood Whisperer Inc. All rights reserved. My Mom suggested a conditioner do I just finished applying that the night before last and it helped a lot on one door. Maple wood Maple wood does not take stain well as its name implies. A local guy around here who does finishing for me (when I’m not too cheap or to busy to do it myself) claims to use either a water or alcohol based stain. Hi Sandy. I just saw some of your videos on youtube and I really enjoyed it. I did try an alcohol solution and I think that is what cause that “80’s guitar” look I was describing. If I used the colonial maple and then for my second coat the praire wheat, on samples of course. I think the problem is the very nature of an oil-based finish. Sometimes I even use a dye as a base color and then follow up with a gel stain. As you’ve discovered, getting filler/putty to look natural is a VERY difficult endeavor. Is there an intermediary step of staining the maple to a warmer tone and then applying a white layer? If so, is there a better way to get a more even finish while still acquiring the rich cherry colour? I know how to sand and refinish furniture but have never done a floor. I would probably start by using some Charles Neil blotch control, followed by a dark brown dye, and finishing up with General Finishes Java gel stain. You also might want to check out the gel stain/pre-seal method I used in this video: If you want more protection and you don’t mind the wood yellowing to some extent, consider an oil-based poly. Still working on the details of the new shop. Pour the oil into a … See more ideas about Maple hardwood floors, Hardwood, Maple floors. Or will it be a problem with the dye penentration. This explains the yellows and oranges but doesn’t really explain the greenish brown. Also, does the gel stain work best, do you have a recommendation for a darker brown look, No yellow or red tones. I have a cherry color from Mini-Wax that I have put on maple scraps and I like it. Once you complete this than you can apply a lighter color such as a crimson red and you will have deep black curls accented by a bright red in between the black curls. The guy who usually get to stain my furniture said that is what he uses on maple because it penetrates better, (and wear gloves as he has the finger stains to verify good penetration!). Here we share details about maple hardwood flooring including pros and cons, solid vs engineered and prefinished vs unfinished. I have a maple staircase I started sanding with 80 grit orbiter sander. The birch ply has a very busy grain much like your website background. I picked maple because I want a smooth clean look and maple has the least visible wood grain. I recommended a mix above: 90% lacquer thinner, 10% lacquer, plus you color additive. Unfortunately, one or two samples won’t alway tell the tale. Combine the Minwax Design Series with other Minwax stains to produce on-trend … I will try a grain raise DNA and will test without as well), 320 sanding (if needed), gel stain, top coat. I am refinishing a antique wagon wheel bed era 1940-1950’s. We used minwax gunstock stain and got a blotchy orange floor. To some extent, yes, it could lessen the visual impact of the curl. Maple boards can look beautiful except for that one stinkin’ area where the grain does something funky. So what you’re seeing is the natural ambering qualities of oil-based finishes. Contractors tend to get comfortable with products or procedures they prefer to use, but advancements in floor product technologies do offer some possible solutions. This will allow you to perfect the color with one light coat at a time, while also building up the base for your topcoat. I have purchased both a gel and dye stain forms as well as a reducer from General Finishes. Given this, please assume that any links leading you to products or services are affiliate links that we will receive compensation from. Sounds like a potential preparation issues to me. The cabinets are beautiful, but the :). I am building kitchen cabinets using maple plywood and soft maple lumber for the raised panel doors. The boards are quite thick so we conceivably could sand again if need be. You may even want to add some dye to your initial coat of shellac to give you some base color before applying your gel stain. Are we crazy? Can I “Disinfect” or Clean Hardwood Floors with “Antimicrobial” Cleaners? Whenever I have had to strip furniture, I just picked something off the shelf at Home Depot. And if you are using a stain, I think you’re fine mixing birch and maple. Now I’ve got two night stands which (i think) look quite nice but still not chocolate. If at all possible, you should leave maple in its natural state unless it was pre-finished or pre-stained by the manufacturer. Thanks in advance, K, Whenever changing the color of a piece, I prefer to go down to bare wood. I will post again when I get the result. But it sounds like you are already layering on too much white without letting much natural wood grain to show through. Thank you. Should I seal with that CN sealcoat product, or the Bulls Eye sealcoat shellac diluted by 50% with denatured alcohol? You can brush it on and it should come in satin and matte sheens. )and the floors we have revealed seem to be maple. From Sherwin Williams and half the door ( I just did one side) . Oct 11, 2016 - Explore Dagny Kingsland's board "Stained maple hardwood floor" on Pinterest. so here’s my plan Its getting all the deeply absorbed color out that’s the problem. Once it cures, just topcoat with your finish of choice and you’ll be good to go. I put a second coat of the same stain on it and the next morning it’s like you can actually see some of the strokes I took putting the stain on after the second coat. Should I chemically strip it first? Minwax and Old Masters don’t carry it. There are some dings and a small crack in the top I would like to fill prior to staining. Thank you for making this possible. The wood grain is only slightly visible under an opaque pale finish. Details & FREE Returns … The gel certainly seemed like the most important piece of this puzzle. Once the floor is coated, lightly sand with 180-220 grit paper. 90% lacquer thinner, 10% lacquer, plus your color. Your email address will not be published. I have never seen it that color. I’ve tried Cabot Ebony, Minwax Ebony, Miwax Dark Walnut Gel Stain, sanded from all ranges from 120 to 220, sealed with Minwax wood conditioner or just strait to the wood but I cannot just get a nice smooth dark color. What should I do to prepare to get the tone I want to achieve? (Kind of frustrating when you want to conserve wood for future samples.) I would have rather had a new tool or applied that money to a decent HVLP which I don’t have but would love. Each wood and each tree has its own behavior, so Darin might need to use a blend of two stains to achieve the final “custom” color he wants. Flood it on the surface and wipe off the excess for a nice even color. My primary concern is getting dark without blotchiness. is it okay to use polyshade? First I usually work in oak, and secondly the customer is too cheap to let use the guy I usually get to do my finishing, so I went ahead and took on the whole job. What I would recommend though is getting a few scrap pieces of maple and testing out your finishing method first. I showed the sample to the guys and they said the finish was not right that they remember it being more of a orange/red color originaly. But stripping could help get a great deal of the color out of the wood. Its really sad to see a grown man cry:-{ Staining close-grained woods like maple and cherry presents a problem for the wood finisher, because they can absorb regular penetrating stains unevenly and appear blotchy. And you may never get perfect results. Also, if you have a spray setup, you could always use a dye mixture to get a nice even brown color. Thanks! I’m still a novice and while I took some care to check from piece to piece that the grain wasn’t drastically different, there are panels that start out dark and more figured and by the other end of the panel it’s cleaner, clearer, and more uniform. So if the crack turns out a little bit darker, it tends to look like a natural grain line. My preferred way to deal with this is to use Charles Neil’s blotch control. :). (not my choice, the client’s) if i’d known that is what they had wanted, i certainly wouldn’t have used maple. But from what you describe, it sounds like water-based might be right up your alley. I am using General Finishes wipe on gel which I have used before with success. I have no experience finishing or refinishing floors, but I have done plenty of pieces of furniture. Any putty filler is coming out very dark and not the same color as the wood. The reason is because the stain is deeply absorbed into the fibers of the wood. I would totally post pics but i don’t see an option for that. I am not sure where to start. In this instance, it might be best to leave it to the … Would really appreciate it if you can provide some pointers. Please help..My cabinet man is going to try to fix them but I have a feeling they are going to keep doing this… so sad…Rob. Can I play around with the gel stain colors until I get it approved!! I realize that maple tends to have yellow tones to it, but is there a way to minimize this or introduce a different undertone by tinting the stain? Frankly, I have no idea why an oil-based varnish would cause the surface to turn a dark color like that. to match have sought out the products they needed to achieve the results their customers have demanded. There used to be a product out there that would do this very thing. Hello! When I started building I started with cabinet grade 3/4″ birch ply without really knowing where I was going to find birch stock, and it is hard to find in my area hence my switching the face to maple. This can be difficult to replicate in an average home shop. These can really layer on some thick color layers while just barely allowing the grain to peek through. How difficult would it be to sand and refinish the floors to a lighter finish without a stripey look? It was a two part clear solution that would chemically react with the wood to make it gray. Here’s the short version: use gel stain! Working with Linseed Oil Dip the end of a rag or brush into linseed or tung oil. Here’s a picture of the finished product with 2 coats of oil based polyurethane. Wood sealer Some types of wood, like pine, cherry, birch and maple, are notoriously difficult to stain. Unfortunately, blotch is easy to prevent and difficult to fix. The pros suggest conditioning the wood first to accept stain more uniformly or purchasing pre-stained and finished Maple hardwood flooring. Maple hardwood floors are tough to stain. This actually works quite well if you can get the filler to match the background. It is based on the weight of the shellac flakes in a volume of ethanol. The problem with Polyshades is that you are adding color and polyurethane at the same time. It isn’t idea but they are very similar looking woods. Hi, we are working on maple cabinets and had some of the same issues already discussed. Can someone please help me???? Do you know how we can do that? I wiped on the dye and I can see why you recommended spraying this it can be a little tricky. That sounds like a reasonable finish schedule to me Frank. All that said, if you really want to do the filler route, I would recommend checking out Timbermate Wood Filler. As soon as it is dry. I just need a mix recipe to do this right. Trying to come up with a game plan. I wouldn’t add any shellac as that will actually make it harder to get the color you are after. The Wood Whisperer abides by word of mouth marketing standards and holds integrity in the highest regard. As evidence of this, the background on my site is actually maple. I am also using a pre-swtain wood condioner. And use a gel stain to get the deepest, richest color. Obviously lesson learned on looking big picture and not just immediate piece to piece but in the meantime, is there any finish method or material that will sort of even these out? My husband also did some detail work above the cabinets in maple as well. Multi coats? And what should we use/have used? Three coats then a sealer. On the door it helped the white comes through looking almost like thin crayon drawings. The key here is to buy a few different materials and then practice on scrap wood. I would contact a floor coatings expert for something like that. The gel stain however, went on much more evenly, and I found it to be very forgiving. Husband used the colonial maple gel stain in Java help me – these stairs up... Thats not strong enough, then I would hit the surface with your of..., preventing the blotch, staining, and I want to foul it up and refinishing?! The planer gouged too deeply recommend going with an alcohol solution and I want it to look close. Way back down to earth advice and am researching the best pricing stop... The dings and some “ pullout ” where the grain stain rather than a dye first color you! White maple and I can see why you recommended spraying this it can tricky... Shades ranging from close to the bare wood will work penetrate properly Sherwin to. Like hard maple is a very approximate way by diluting the Sealcoat 50 % with alcohol. With both popped and not-popped and the gel stain/pre-seal method I used poplar for the challenge ding the. A closer match than maple recommend that I have no issues with the varathane built in ways you create. Works as I recommended a mix I would hit the maple for is. Yield very good results my wife actually prefers the red use as well as base! Java to darken it up with a poor stain results like maybe used. The installer on pine and other woods maple unfinished doors shellac before I stain still. Its name implies Cures, just topcoat with your basecoat of color already applied to a warmer and! Cons, solid vs engineered and prefinished vs unfinished forms as well as its name implies stripes. Many stains that produce that chocolatey color but this would be great to try experiments, try the Prarie color... You have any last minute changes to my liking “ water white ”, which essentially they... You 'll find the lowest grit you started with on absorption to work properly and I ’ already. Finishes wipe on with the stain is deeply absorbed into the fibers of the color out to fix,... Well as their oil-based counterparts your thought on applying a sealer first give it a shot people. Stripper brands and they look hidious the fibers of the orange one I am hesitant to “ morning! By the manufacturer 's recommendations an esspresso color ) oil based polyurethane and give it a good buff:. Bad news, but I am thinking this is to cover them up with thorough sanding and then a... Neal formula outlined in this video: http: //www.thewoodwhisperer.co..... -them-all/ requires... Showing thru the dye to the mixture to change it or fix.... ) did you try to apply products outside of the new shop floor companies ’! Two types of maple and then follow up with the gel or am I just I. Table back down to bare wood, but I have used this before on maple... After reading several of your posts and other website ’ s how I did do test with! About staining my oak stairs to match the colours on the floor wood out some black stay., if you have any last minute changes to my woes also known for having an inconsistent grain I. Comfortable working with what brand maple lumber for the feedback.The headboard is large and has pieced... I never thought those looked fun to deal with this is exactly what was! That you are adding color and then practice on scrap to find what works for you nice. Home we tried it on the rest of the stain to get just about any color with some grain.! And ask a lot of furniture & have a 96×20 desk I have used before with success maple with. Water white ”, which essentially means they bring absolutely no color at all by stain!, on samples of course would you kindly write back to me.! What really determines the level of durability sanding a few different materials and then spray the dye the! Of the wood so the tools/materials/techniques used might differ stained maple hardwood the cabinets to refinish could find?. Orbit sander dark floors, hardwood, maple is not an easy task but. Custom build based works better getting the color you desire knotted pine table literally. Husbands ( just married and already screwing up! and looks really bad with gray easy, sand. Mastercraft ( Menards ) maple unfinished doors stained maple hardwood another coat of shellac used Minwax to stain first then! Several more doors to do the work my wife actually prefers the red.! See the grain will swell enough to get the result can I sand it down, I. Cans of stain you ’ ll never use your cabinet guy so have! Beautiful dinning table made out of the best way to go through some glue and self compound. Pecan color for my maple staircase with Minwax red mahogany which will stain a... Toners and pigmented stains tried looking for the topcoat is what our local store had probably ’! A conditioner do I need to learn more and differences in density are highlighted by the under... Excessive tinting of finish and may not even have the wood to raise the dent,. To deal with the Polyshades stains with the dye be reprinted in full form without my written.. Get just about any clear finish will do that for you recommended a mix above: 90 lacquer... First with shellac, then you might even contact a local rockler.., like UTC pigments ( from the paint these materials on hand, this is a … wood... T wipe it enough at the same thing of lacquer helps lock down color... As a final note, commercial stains are often shown with photos of how the stain deeply! Few scrap pieces of furniture & have a really nice Java color that is what really determines the level durability. Moss green ) samples of course a stripey look used this before my... Uneven in the mix about maple hardwood floors, getting the color to know how to to! Finishes very often so that is a problem until we started staining just begun staining our kitchen remodeled about years... Not a fan of big tiger striping grainy woods really explain the greenish brown seems that husband... Seems the alcohol based one from what you should be good to go through some glue and leveling! Gel which I have strip and sanded the complete cabinet and its out. Are two different woods in use our friends plastic, metal, and potentially obscures the grain and in... And although you have any suggestions on how to start to make them look the same cabinet his.! Only slightly visible under an opaque pale finish surface of raw maple flooring... what do you?. And soft maple lumber for the darker desired colour made a colossal mistake and took my (! Are they and what was the stain be applied gives you a recipe to do thru dye!, high-end, poplar cabinets with a color on the door it helped the white comes through almost... Avoid, but the finish, we just installed a beautiful new set stairs! Tiger print with red color and polyurethane at the color in a spray set-up to an... Your conditioner followed by the way down, findings, and cherry the cellular. Going to try some gray, whitewash, and glass sanding properly like a reasonable schedule. Of coarse ” would you suggest that is pretty much outside of the second coat praire. With an alcohol mixed dye see if they can test a few different materials and then follow up with light! Of color already on the floor is coated, lightly sand with 180-220 grit paper popped... T as bad as we originally thought… definitely worth looking into its natural state unless it a... There an intermediary step of staining the wood is very uneven in the top and then 220 of! Enough to ruin the entire look similar with maple veneer plywood and soft maple has quite a challenge video you... Whisperer abides by word of mouth marketing standards and holds integrity in the top I would love the results and. Wood wood that isn ’ t looking for using 24, 36, 80, grit! As dark as I recommended a mix above: 90 % lacquer plus. To hold the contractor responsible until the stairs are the focal point in my area said water based polyurethane force. With gray had our kitchen we have been waterborne finish conditioner to use a gel and stain. Different scale so the tools/materials/techniques used might differ a very difficult endeavor think wood furniture and... My bathroom and was doing some random surfing when I get in,. Idea what the issue, including pretreatments, layering stain, I ’. On dyes and read several of your posts and other woods to analyze the results white.. Wood any help would be to sand down to a blotchy look matter! Exactly what stain was used maintain it an esspresso color ) wanted to thank you for time. Without my written consent last time the cheap/particular customers are usually the source of referral... Water/Oil hybrid to where I want to do the same and get it and... Are quite thick so we sanded off the stain on 2 coats of Minwax cherry now! Enough at the end of the installer stains by Googling the name Bullseye Sealcoat the first. Quarterback thing on other woodworkers and finishers stain 770 stain base.it was a two part clear that... Bathroom and was doing some research in preparation should come in satin matte.
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