While that is definitely correct, there is a lot more to the habitat of this reptilian species, and trying to cover it in one sentence would be doing injustice to them. It inhabits brackish and freshwater habitats, preferring mangrove-lined coasts. The American crocodile (Crocodylus acutus) lives in several places within the Americas, including Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and south Florida. They live in coastal areas throughout the Caribbean and occur at the northern end of their range in south Florida. American crocodiles are shy, reclusive, and significantly less aggressive than the Nile or Australian crocodiles, especially towards humans. American crocodiles (Crocodylus acutus) are a shy and reclusive species. Crocodiles live in the vicinity of swamps, marshlands, brackish waters, lakes, and rivers. The crocodile prefers the salt and brackish waters of the Florida Bay. American alligators and American crocodiles have a few things in common, the most important being that both creatures strike fear into the hearts of people and small dogs throughout Florida and the Southern United States. The American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) is also found in south Florida, among other places. Crocodile Lake National Wildlife Refuge--The Crocodile Lake National Wildlife Refuge located in north Key Largo is a 6,700-acre reserve established in 1980 "to protect critical breeding and nesting habitat" of what few crocs remained at that time--less than 400 in all of Florida. You will certainly see more alligators in the glades because their habitat and range is much larger than that of the crocodile. The American crocodile is greenish-grey in color dorsally and white or yellow ventrally; In Florida, C. acutus males reach about 4 meters in length while females reach 3.5 meters; American crocodile habitat is defined as mangrove lined ponds, creeks, coves, shorelines, and man-made ponds and canals It is one of two extant species in the genus Alligator within the family Alligatoridae; it is larger than the only other living alligator species, the Chinese alligator. Along with the American gators, the everglades are also home to the American Crocodile. They live in coastal areas throughout the Caribbean and occur at the northern end of their range in south Florida. American Crocodile habitat: The species is spread all over in the four extant species of the crocodiles from America. The American crocodile (Crocodylus acutus) ranges from southern Florida through the Caribbean islands, and from Mexico through Central America to Peru. South Florida is the only place you can find both animals in the wild. The Refuge is closed to the public. American alligators occur in Florida, southern Texas, Louisiana and parts of North and South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama, with the alligator’s range appearing to inch northward in the last few years. Both alligators and crocodiles are some of the most feared and respected predators on earth, both with coveted spots very … American crocodiles are found in southern Florida, the Caribbean, southern Mexico and along the Central American coast south to Venezuela. To distinguish the two, alligators The American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis), sometimes referred to colloquially as a gator or common alligator, is a large crocodilian reptile native to the Southeastern United States, with a small population in Mexico. It mostly inhabits in the water such as river mouths, salt lakes, mangrove swamps, freshwater and sometimes found in the sea.