We’re going to go ahead and make this again and confirm the water amount. DISCLAIMER:  This article may contain affiliate links and we may earn a small commission if you purchase through one of our affiliate links. Since we can't get it where we live, I attempted to make my own. After all, nobody’s perfect! Powerseed Bread. We consume lots {and I mean LOTS} of loaves of Dave’s Killer Bread around here. D O W N. Hi U R Wrong! (In 2008, he published a memoir titled Good Seed: The Dave’s Killer Bread Story.) Hearty, yet light and delicious, this bread is FULL of … Dave’s bread is a nutrition powerhouse. It doesn’t cost you anything extra. Pinch the seams together creating a loaf shape. 1 1/3 cups is all I need in my kitchen, but I’m glad you figured out what works in yours! Spray two loaf pans with cooking spray. Boot Camp to get you ready to crush your holiday pie sales this year. 10 Instant Pot Meals For Kids, Shrimp and Snow Peas Stir Fry I will have to try it soon. I mean, who doesn't right? But, because I want to only put forth our best recipes, I re-made this recipe, being careful to follow it like a visitor to the website would. Hearty, yet light and delicious, this bread is FULL of … Thin Slice Vegan Bread Varieties: Good Seed Thin Sliced Bread. This version is not as heavy as Dave's, but it's GOOD! However, I'm tiring of my honey wheat loaves and I want something hearty. Dave's Killer Bread Organic Good Seed Bread - 21oz. This version is not as heavy as Dave's, but it's GOOD! This version is not as heavy as Dave's, but it's GOOD! author of The Superfoods Swap. We just remember the water amount from the times we’ve made it. It’s full of whole grains, protein, and fiber, while still tasting delicious! Don’t forget to check out my Pinterest Page! The story of the company is a great one. Ingredients 1 1/3 cups water tepid 3 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil 5 Tbsp honey 4 cups 100% whole grain flour we used wheat flour 1 Tbsp vital wheat gluten 1/2 cup … Also I started with liquids, then all of the nuts and oats etc, then the flour and gluten, and finally the yeast and salt. The recipe works as written, but I will clarify a few things that might help you on your next attempt, should you decide to try again. 21 Whole Grains and Seeds Bread. During the milling process, the flour becomes very warm. I am excited to try this recipe in my high humidity environment! Well, I just felt compelled to share this recipe! At that point, I was committed so I let it rise again, etc. Slice. I used the bread machine wheat bread setting. Your email address will not be published. We’ve made it about 3 times before, but we’ll try again. I think fresh-milled is still a little different though, so I will admit to not testing commercially available flours. Thanks for taking the time to comment! Best, Heidi. Turned out fantastic!!! Going just by appearance and the packaging, Aldi’s bag says the bread is made with 23 whole grains and seeds (compared to Dave’s 21). The first time, I ended up with “lead bread.” Didn’t raise, and was a leaden lump. Wondering if you could make the same thing at home and save a little money? Add remaining oil to the bowl. Mix on low speed for 3 minutes. Blues Bread. T H U M B S Honey, Oat, and Flax Bread ** this is the only bread that contains honey, an animal product and is not 100% vegan. 2¼ cup warm water 2 tbsp yeast 2 tbsp coconut oil 2 tbsp honey 2 tbsp molasses 1 tbsp sea salt ¼ cup flax seed ¼ cup cracked wheat ¼ cup red oats (or any other thick cut oat you have) ¼ cup sunflower seeds ¼ cup quinoa 4 cup whole wheat flour (approx) Everything from PB&Js to turkey clubs is complimented by the mild taste and wonderfully fluffy texture of Dave's Killer Bread's White Done Right, and I feel good knowing it's a step in the right (whole-grain) direction. Photos may be “representative” of the recipe … Good Seed Bread. Add warm water, oil, and honey to the bowl of a stand mixer. Two, it’s pretty pricey, as breads go. The day before- soak 24 oz wheat flour, in 1 ½ cups warm water and 1 ½ tbsp apple cider vinegar. White Done Right Bread. Let the loaves proof for about 30-60 minutes. Wrap tightly in foil. Cover bowl with cloth. Recently my local grocery store was sold out of the organic whole grain seed bread that I like so I went to my kitchen and got to work developing a copycat recipe for Daves Killer Bread 21 Seed Bread. While it’s true that it is a little pricy to get all the ingredients, they will last a long time. The dough never formed a ball in the mixer, so I added water a tablespoon at a time. 40 grams vital wheat gluten. I imagine using freshly ground wheat makes a huge difference in the amount of moisture in the flour. That can get very expensive. So thank you for pointing that out. Tried this twice. Food & Snacks Bakery Bread, Buns & Rolls Daves Killer Bread. 15 minutes before last rise, place oven rack to lower position so that loaves will be in the center of the oven. Yes, our health is worth it, but still! It’s possible my kitchen is more or less humid than others’. After last rise, bake loaves 30 min at 350. Should have read the comment re 2-1/3 Cups before I tried this. Look for organic, Non-GMO wheat berries. Since we can't get it where we live, I attempted to make my own. 100% Whole Wheat Bread. We only recommend products we love. Bake for 40 minutes in the pan. I just use a standard 9X5 pan for this recipe. It’s easy to get it if you enter the ingredients into something like myfitnesspal though. Amazon also carries it.) I’m sorry for your frustrating experience. Hi, I added about half a cup and even then the dough wouldn’t form a ball in mixing bowl so I pulled it out and formed a (hard, dense) ball by hand. Why not join the bread baking from home movement and add a few whole-grain loaves to your weekly baking routine? Now put the loaf into the plate of seeds and roll back and forth to get the seeds to stick. Just be sure to crush it before adding to the dough. Since we can't get it where we live, I attempted to make my own. 5 offers from $10.98. In the bowl of a stand mixer place the soaked wheat dough, yeast mixture, canola oil,salt, vital wheat gluten and a crushed vitamin c capsule. As I’m sure you’re aware, humidity in the air can affect homemade breads, much more so than it affects other recipes. Daves Killer Bread, Bread 21 Whole Grains Thin Sliced Organic, 20.5 Ounce 4.7 out of 5 stars 4,285. Bread, as I’m sure you know, can work differently in different kitchens. Cover with cloth. Freeze up to 4 weeks. Good SEED. Click on the link to see the product link that I used to create the most authentic copycat version of Dave’s Killer Bread. Add the yeast and stir. Since we can't get it where we live, I attempted to make my own. Bread With the Highest and Lowest Total Fat on the Dave’s Killer Bread Menu. Let rest for 30-45 minutes until the dough has doubled. The dough should be smooth and well developed. Categories: Bread; print. Drain wheat berries and allow to cool while measuring the remaining ingredients. The second time, I made sure I had brand new quick rise yeast, and I added more water – several tablespoons. Nowadays, this is our go-to bread for sandwiches. Admittedly, French toast is yummy with all sorts of breads and on special occasions it’s nice to use sweet breads {such as banana bread or pumpkin bread}.}. Thank you! The second time I made it I started with 2-1/3 C water and the dough rose enough to raise the lid. I started with 2 C water today so I assume it won’t rise as much.