It's worth getting the mist armor, as it is getting the fire armor. The Ancient Armor Set is one of the sets of Armor you can find in God of War. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The extra damage provided is deceptively useful for classes that build off base physical damage, such as the Avenger. This is the second most in the game, as only Tyrs Armor (a rare/blue armor) gives stats to … Sindri’s Niflheim armor in God of War SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon Trust us: This armor is worth the investment. God of War is currently taking the world by storm, but before you dive any deeper into it, there are a number of really important things you should know that will help you on your journey. This legendary set can be bought from Brok and Sindri, and can be upgraded twice. The Dwarf armor is great. As the name and armor styling implies, Travelers could be foreign in nature, possibly from Western Europe. Once you’ve filled the Traveler’s stun meter, press R3 to initiate a massive attack that causes Kratos to rip off the breastplate of the Traveler’s armor, dealing a ton … However, finding where to get Smoldering Ember God of War material is totally worth it for the armor that you can craft it with. The Zeus Armor Set is, without a doubt, the best armor set in the entire game. For God of War on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Traveler Armor Set". Everyone seems to say the mist armor is better than the fire armor...I don't agree with that. I've done so myself and it's a solid build. The mist armors are extremely helpful for farming Niflheim, you'll need to get one if you want to really complete the game and to fully experience all it has to offer. God of War PS4 Guide: All Idunn Apples Locations And Rune Chest Solutions The trick to keeping a good supply of Hacksilver is to sell any loot that you pick in the game. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. They are very strong and tough to take down due to their armor unless shattered with repeated strikes, but offer great rewards to assist with armor crafting. Sindris armor has runic, luck and cooldown. The Traveler Set is a legendary armor set found in God of War (2018). the chest armor piece creates a protective barrier to block a single attack, the wrist armor increases the bare hand damage by 6% and the waist armor … In this chapter of the God of War Game Guide you can read which equipment is worth crafting at the blacksmiths - Brok and Sindri. The perk is better but I don't know how you can fault the progression system of that armor when you have to go out of your way to obtain every item in that set and fully upgrade it before you can do that with the traveller set. It has wrist and waist pieces which increase burn/frost damage...but the real star is the chest piece, it has a chance to proc a protective shield when you're casting an runic attack. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Players looking to obtain all 35 trophies will need to do various tasks, including many related to the main story of God of War, side quests, collecting items and upgrading Kratos and Atreus' armor. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. When you play around a bit you'll try out different builds and find many armors have their own benefits, the same applies to pommels/enchantments. In God Of War 2018, players can collect new weapons, armor and other items which boost damage and defense. God of War won Game of the Year 2018. Guide On How To Get The Traveler’s Armor Set In God Of War 2018 The Ancient Armor set is of the many Armors players can acquire in the game. Travellers come in a variety of different classes. The ultimate goal is to find the treasures stashed in the center … The nice thing about Spartan Rage is that it causes stun damage. It's a great piece of armor and the firey shield it procs when you take damage is my favorite of the Muspelheim effects. Makes no sense. I'm getting toward the end of the game. Looks like Traveler Chest has 45 def and 30 vit and max level 6. This subreddit is dedicated to discussion of the games and sharing news about them. Many people run Sindris chest piece with the waist/wrists of the Valkyrie. I've heard that the best armor is the valkyrie armor or mist armor. New 🏆 Merch - . It's pretty easily the best single piece of armor in the game because of this. Due to its high Magic Find, added physical damage, and its large reduction to Stamina drain, War Travelers are good for most, if not all, heroes. God of War Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Press J to jump to the feed. Broks favors a strength build, in particular one that makes use of the 'spartan rage', this is the best armor for a rage build. The key to killing a Traveler quickly is to build up your Spartan Rage and then unleash it. On the other hand, sindri's breastplate with a decent runic build and quick cooldown runics ensures that you are fully invincible at least half the time, and luck increases the rate of perk activation for all other items and enchantments, too. The chest armor from this set slowly regenerates a protective barrier that absorbs a single attack. Trust me. You can mix an and match, I like a cursed mist and Valk armour mix depending on location. Max Ivaldi armor, the def and vit heavy one, maxes at 68 and 31 at level 8. All the mist armors have the same special effect, constant minor health regeneration and all of them protect you from the mists of Nilfheim. Or posting anything related to GOW really. How to obtain the Traveler’s Armor set in God of War for the Path of the Zealot trophy. The level of the armor is the same as the traveler. This is the recommended mist armor for most players, if in doubt, play it safe. This section of the God of War Walkthrough is dedicated to the Travelers, especially powerful enemies whose armor you can craft.. During your adventure, you will often have the opportunity to face a very powerful enemy called Traveler. one of the Armors players can equip in the game is called the Ancient Armor set. Travelers are the armored warriors that appear in God of War (2018). Your level compared to enemy level makes more difference than stats. This is the second most in the game, as only Tyrs Armor (a rare/blue armor) gives stats to all 6. God of War has a unique progression system that ties your abilities and overall level with the quality and advancement levels of your gear. You take 0 damage when casting, your attacks will not be interrupted. Traveller's armor is very similar to medieval knight's armor. Travellers come in a variety of different classes Traveler Traveler … I just returned from the afterlife with my son. The region is essentially a series of ever-changing rooms packed with traps and dangerous enemies. After meeting with the witch, you’ll find yourself … The Deadly Mist gives stats to 4/6 and is the well rounded one of the three, it has some benefits over the Valkyrie Armor such as better strength and runic. For me, would it be worth the trouble of getting the mist armor, or am I better off just upgrading the travelers set? The Traveler Armor Set is one of the sets of Armor you can find in God of War. Collect Dew Drops to power up. Travelers are the armored warriors that appear in God of War (2018) They have equally giant swords and sometimes shields whose block cannot be broken. As for the legendary Dwarf armor, it's very good, get one (most people go for Sindris) Here's the rundown. Each piece offers different bonuses and can increase/decrease Kratos' stats. The Fallen Ash has the highest Defense in the game. It gives stats for 5/6 (only missing luck). below you will find a guide on how to get the Ancient Armor and unlock Primordial Trophy. It's safe to say this is the best armor in the game from a general/practical point of view as it's well rounded and provides a good base. As any self-respecting God of War knows, you can’t go into battle wearing low level rags. Though I would encourage you to try out different builds, try more aggressive sets, try a runic build. It's also the most dangerous and hardest… At the end of each mission, you will unlock the access to better and better armor, which should be your priority. Defeating them will reward Kratos with traveler's armor shard and traveler's grisly trophy. They are very strong and tough to take down due to their armor unless shattered with repeated strikes, but offer great rewards to assist with armor crafting. There is other armor in the game which will give you much more Defense/Vitality is that's what you're after. While this armor is not as strong as the ones above, it’s still pretty great and will serve you well. All three pieces have unique effects which can't be said for mist/fire armor. How to obtain the Traveler's Armor set in God of War for the Path of the Zealot trophy. Valkyrie armor is very well rounded. Endless mist has the best Vitality of the game. I don't typically go into ng+ unless there's more story content and from what I've gathered, there's not a TON left of my first play through. the set has three pieces. After that, Valkeryie chest piece has a massive defence stat higher than any other item in the game (something like 84 defence at level 8). Crafting equipment in God of War Visit any of the dwarves' shops to craft pieces of armor for torso, arms and waist. God of War's new progression system might be a bit confusing at first, which is why we've put together a guide to help you better understand it. It's worth getting the mist armor, as it is getting the fire armor. Valkyrie armor is very well rounded. This. This page was last edited on 30 April 2018, at 19:02. If you’re building a tank, I think maxing up to level 9 would be in your best interest, which you can’t do with a level 6 chest; it’s hard enough to do with a level 7 max piece like Sindri’s chest. Most of the armor I see seems to really hurt defense or vitality, and I've been enjoying playing a very tanky character, since getting the travelers armor. You'll get the hang of the combat eventually and you'll make full use of many different builds. War Traveler is a unique set of Battle Boots. Kratos needs the best-of-the-best armored outfits, and unlocking the toughest sets can get pretty tricky. This armor grants increases to strength, defense, and vitality. You have to kill Travellers and collect their Armor Shards, Grisly Trophies, and so on for crafting materials. As such, getting stronger gear and better enchantments is a top priority for some of the more challenging and end-game content. Finding it, though, is much easier said than actually done. The set includes Breastplate of the traveler, gauntlets of the traveler and war belt of the traveler ... Not sure if it was all worth the hassle since it doesn’t seem to be much better than my previous lower tier gear but what the hell, … The total stats you gain from the Valkyrie armor are the highest in the game. Since I'm playing on normal, is it worth the time to get all the mist amor, or is upgraded Travelers or dwarf armor enough for me to get through the rest of normal mode? For example, end game trials, final round musl, some level 6 enemies dont scratch me in a trial and I take no damage at level 9.5 (On GMGOW). For a tanky build you could go for the high defense of the Fallen Ash, the high Vitality of the Endless Mist or the protective shield of Sindris. The Muspelheim armors (fire realm) all have 'when damaged do this' effect which when worn together the chances of this happening when damaged are increased (wear all 3 pieces of the same set and the chances of the ability procing greatly increase). God of War has a lot of stuff in it, and some of that stuff isn’t strictly necessary if you just want to see the story. God Of War gets a new Game Plus Mode update that adds set of new armors for Kratos and Atreus. As you can see most of the armor has it's own thing going on, all the fire/mist/dwarf/valkyrie sets are the best at something. It is the only armor that will guarantee a free no-damage hit. God of War ’s Niflheim seems to be something of a callback to the labyrinth in God of War 3.Or, rather, this is what God of War 3 ’s Labyrinth should have been. I just got access to the "lengendary dwarf armor," but the stats don't seem that great. On the Traveler Champion's shield reads ᚢᚾᛒᚱᛖᚨᚲᚨᛒᛚᛖ, literally meaning unbreakable. God of War is a third person action-adventure video game developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. To unlock the full Traveler armor set in God of War (and the ‘Path of the Zealot’ Trophy) you need to craft three pieces of gear in the Chest, Wrist, and Waist slots. The latter one, when viewed from the menu, will have a description that said "A severed piece of a Traveller's defeated foe, kept as a totem of Asgardian magic", possibly indicating that the travellers originate from Asgard or at least a follower of the. I'm playing on normal, if that makes a difference. The Blazing Magma set has the highest cooldown in the game. With armor sets such as the God of War Niflheim Mist Armor, beauty is definitely in the eye of the gear-holder, yet looks aside this is undoubtedly one of the game’s most useful upgrades. In many ways Sindris chest piece is the best 'tanky' build, when you run a high luck build and have this chest almost always procs when casting an runic attack. The War … In this guide, you can find the list of all armor … First of all, there is no best armor. This rare set can be bought from Brok and Sindri, and can be upgraded twice. These well rounded armors give a strong base to build from. They have equally giant swords and sometimes shields whose block cannot be broken. As for the legendary Dwarf armor, it's very good, get one (most people go for Sindris). This guide will tell you Where To Find Traveler's Armor Shards In God Of War so you can grab a handful of shards and get started on making a full armor set of Traveler's Armor. The Cursed Mist has the best Runic in the whole game, it's my preferred mist armor and is used for runic builds. Cookies help us deliver our Services. On his corpse, you will usually find a Traveler’s Armor Shard as well as a Traveler’s Grisly … It gives stats for 5/6 (only missing luck). Traveler's Armor is one of the best armor sets in the early stages of God of War and you need shards to make it. However, all of it is very good. Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. The Brimstone armor has the highest Strength in the's fantastic for a strength build, a 'hack-n-slash' game style. The Pauldron of the True Warrior has a max level of five and a half and a base level of five, which when compared to the base level of the Breastplate of the Traveler is a huge increase, but when compared to the max level of the Breastplate of the Traveler and it’s shield ability, is barely worth the silver it takes to craft. Worst: ExileBy far the worst armor in the game belongs to the default armor set … All 3 would be suitable durable replacements for the Travelers armor. But as for overall defense/tankieness, I’d say that if it’s lower level (max 6 I think) keeps you from reaching level 8 or 9, depending on your build, then that’s will make more of a difference than any difference in stat spread. Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. 100%, every fight, you get one free hit, more if it's a long fight. As for the Traveler armor...decent armor with a nice little effect but you need to get better armor. But until you have the maxed Ivaldi’s set, then Traveler’s is solid.