267-753-3124 Cailin Pilkerton. 484-875-4044 Lukes Tibbets. jumatatu m. poe. Jamie Keesecker Scott Lee Sid Richardson Vladimir Smirnov Justin Tierney. Previous Events. With its playful animation and infectious beat, Jamie Keesecker’s informative video became a viral hit. That earworm that's about to live in your head for the next two weeks is the viral musical sensation from Duke University. Eto Otitigbe. "A lot of those shows that she watches are full of kids' songs that are educational or instructional in some way.". 267-753-2690 Channa Turin. Shortly thereafter, "Library Takeout" was  made available on Spotify and Apple Music. He enjoys working with music and sound, exploring both the musical and the noisy qualities of each. Visual Design and Programming by Eto Otitigbe, Music by Tara Rodgers, Sound Programming by Jamie Keesecker, Additional Programming and Sound Discoveries by Jung-Eun Kim and Peter Whincop. October 13, 2020 8 Duke librarian Jamie Keesecker (who goes by MicrOpaqu3) made this song about their Library Takeout system and it's way better than it has any right to be. Want to support forward-thinking artists and enhance Durham's performing arts community? "She ended up watching children's shows on Netflix, you know, more TV than we probably would have been comfortable with in pre-pandemic times," Keesecher says with a laugh. Made possible, in part, with support from the Department of Music at Duke University and the Office of the Vice Provost for the Arts, Duke University. A p g music again. 267-753-3365 Mynah Rassi. November 30, 2020. The Duke Music Library is pleased to unveil a new collection spotlight of recordings nominated for the 2019 Grammy awards, featuring more than 80 albums from just about every category you’ve heard of – and some you might not have! Jamie Keesecker Collections Manager and Public Services Specialist. g rapping mouse. 267-753-3546 Leautri Mastin. The Duke University Department of Music will release on Sept. 17 four new recordings, collaborations between members of a jazz trio and Duke composition doctoral students.The collaboration is the first of its kind by bassist Reid Anderson, pianist Ethan Iverson and drummer David King of The Bad Plus, an accomplished jazz trio. Librarian Jamie Keesecker, stage name MicrOpaqu3, collabed with his talented three-year-old Naima to create an instructional music video that blends the best parts of Daft Punk synths with a very afterschool special aesthetic. Jamie Keesecker. 267-753-6669 Tomkin Burzinski. October 7, 2020 ... After a Duke family portrait fell off a wall, our staff worked to relocate the others until they can be safely rehung. Contact. "I've received a lot of attention for the song and video," Keesecher says, "But the whole thing is only possible because of the library staff who worked so hard over the summer to make library takeout service a possibility. 267-753-7621 Cile Winburn. Jamie is a hornist and bassist, performing regularly in and around the Durham area. The story behind "Library Takeout," Duke librarian Jamie Keesecker's video showcasing a new contactless reserve system that became a viral hit. 267-753-3194 Nataly Girod. Since debuting on YouTube in August, “Library Takeout” has racked up nearly 700,000 views from around the world, thanks to its catchy synth-pop vibes and endearing crayon-drawn animation. Let's back up a bit, though, and meet Jamie Keesecher, a collections manager and public service specialist with the Duke Music Library. ... -Jamie Keesecker, Stacks Manager and Student Supervisor, Music Library . Without them, it would just be a meaningless song that had no bearing on real life.". He also brings credit back to the subject at hand: the well-developed library takeout system. Keesecher says that the song's addictive librarian-cyber-pop stylings were influenced by watching education videos with Naima. When … Jamie Keesecker and his daughter Naima hold up drawings used in the Library Takeout video. Closing out 2020 at the Libraries — Expanded hours for reading days and finals Jamie Keesecker, Ph.D. FREE Background Report. Jamie Keesecker is the director of the Duke New Music Ensemble and a composer who enjoys writing music and designing sound, and exploring on the musical qualities of sound and the noisy qualities of music. Let's back up a bit, though, and meet Jamie Keesecher, a collections manager and public service specialist with the Duke Music Library. "Library Takeout" is not only a fun little synthy treat about how to get library materials from Duke University during the pandemic, but the low-tech animation is also a perfect accompaniment. The animations were also thanks in part to Naima, Keesecker says, who let him borrow her colored pencils so that he could draw the inspired stick-figure drawings. Jamie Keesecker writes music in a broad range of styles for various ensembles, large and small. © 2020 Indy Week • 320 E. Chapel Hill St., Suite 200, Durham, NC 27701 • phone 919-286-1972 • fax 919-286-4274, Goodbye Song of the Summer, Hello Duke Library Banger of the Fall. Make 2020 (Duke) History. On that platform it has traveled particularly widely, appearing on 43 subreddits, including r/electronic music, r/NotTimAndEric, r/Libraries, r/TameImpala, and r/nextfuckinglevel, among numerous others. 079 Mary Duke Biddle, Durham, NC 27708 Box 90665, Durham, NC 27708-0665 sjaffe@duke.edu (919) 660-3317 ; Stephen Jaffe, Bridge Records Support fearless independent local journalism. 267-753-9041 Brice Crofts. Music. He was featured as a composer in residence at the 2010 Monadnock Music Festival in southern New Hampshire, and his music is among the works appearing on the Quardre album Our Time, released in 2011. Diamandi Keesecker. He started writing music as a teenager. Join the INDY Press Club to help us keep fearless watchdog reporting and essential arts and culture coverage viable in the Triangle. 484-875-5866 Pritika Cumberworth. Duke University The video was uploaded to YouTube on August 14 and became viral enough within Duke circles for Keesecher—who, not seeking synth-pop fame, had uploaded the video under the pseudonym MicrOpaqu3—to have his cover blown by library colleagues. While some of our greatest writers and thinkers were busy debating about whether or not good art can come out of the pandemic, a Duke librarian was quietly creating a Kraftwerk-adjacent library instructional video that would put Duke Libraries on the electronic music map. At 1:14, the song goes completely off the rails. 267-753-3298 Albin Gavenda. He holds a Master's of Music Degree in composition from the University of Oregon and a B.Mus in composition from the University of Arizona  In 2008 he had the pleasure of working with composers Robert Livingston Aldridge and Kevin Puts at the Brevard Music Center, where he also served as the coordinator of the festival's new music ensemble. His recent work has focused on interactivity and the combination of live musical performance with real-time computer processing. Tel: (919) 660.3300 Fax: (919) 660.3301 duke-music@duke.edu (Keesecher, who says he became "lost" in the project, says that at one point he had to pare the songs' saturated beats down). Corrections/Parole Officials Recognize Facility, Security Safety Employees. If you're looking to curate a Spotify Duke Libraries playlist, the next video that automatically queues on the channel after "Library Takeout" is a video called "Handling Special Collections." It becomes a transportive device, a time-machine to clubs and late nights out, to a dark, pulsating crowd far away from periodicals and CDs and DVDs, even as the safety protocols seep deep—then deeper, then deeper still—into the metaphorically dustiest recesses of your brain. Jamie Keesecker writes music in a broad range of styles for various ensembles, large and small. "How can I get the book and things I need? Support independent local journalism. The video was intended to be disseminated to Duke Library patrons, but the creator, Jamie Keesecker, under the pseudonym “MicrOpaqu3,” also decided to upload it to YouTube, where it currently has over 820,000 views (several dozens of them mine, as I just kept it on loop while writing this). 484-875-8141 Brittany Williams. The initial goal of Jamie Keesecker’s “Library Takeout” video was to make something more interesting than a typed set of step-by-step instructions for requesting and receiving items at Duke’s libraries. He collaborates with artists across a wide array of disciplines to create new works incorporating visual media, scientific data, dance, and film. Replacing furnaces, tearing out moldy walls of homes and rebuilding livelihoods – the work continues in central and eastern North Carolina counties hardest hit by Hurricane Matthew in October 2016. Tickets are $10 at the door. James Morrow. Gina Kohler. 267-753-4402 Franc Schley. Duke New Music Ensemble [dnme] will be performing the interactive dissertation of Benito Crawford as well as other new music works. It's one catchy tune!https://t.co/qGMVYc6Nwj— Third Chapter Project, Inc (@3rdChapterProj) November 18, 2020 He currently resides in Durham, North Carolina, where he is a James B. Duke Fellow pursuing a Ph.D. at Duke University. His music has been performed by a number of wonderfully talented groups including yMusic, the Wet Ink Ensemble, the Atlanta Chamber Players, Quadre, So Percussion, Las Tubas de Tucson, Percussia, Sospiro, and the Duke New Music Ensemble, which he currently directs. Office: 113B Biddle Music Building Campus Box: 90661 Phone: 919-660-5989 jamie.keesecker@duke.edu Paper in hand, he watched Duke librarian Jamie Keesecker’s “Library Takeout” video, featured in a story on the front page, and posted it to Reddit. One highlight: “Library Takeout,” a viral music video created by Duke University librarian Jamie Keesecker to explain the contactless pick-up process. April 8th, 2010, 12pm, Baldwin Auditorium - Masterclass with David Harrington and the Kronos Quartet, with music by George Lam, David Garner, and Jamie Keesecker / Also periodicals, CDs and DVDs," the song begins, sounding more like Louis Cole than something you'd hear on the Duke University Libraries YouTube channel. The 2020 fall semester is different, so Duke University Library wanted something catchy to explain to students how to get the library materials they need. 484-875-3949 Terra Marsh. Duke librarian Jamie Keesecker (who goes by MicrOpaqu3) made this song about their Library Takeout system and it's way better than it has any right to be. Lighting by Jesse Belsky, Costumes by Marissa Erickson. 484-875-2320 Jamye Roeder. Keesecher began putting the project together after the library was inspired by the Nashville Public Library's success with "Curb Side, Baby," an instructional parody video of "Ice Ice Baby" that amassed 162,335 views—and successfully introduced curbside pickup to it's Nashville audience. 105 Mary Duke Biddle Music Building Campus Box 90665 Durham, NC 27708. He collaborates with artists across a wide array of disciplines to create new works incorporating visual media, scientific data, dance, and film. As students and faculty began trickling back to campus in August, Keesecher, who has both a masters and a PhD in music composition, decided to create an instructional video of his own about Duke's contactless reserve system. Find Your Seat at the Libraries. Thomas Brothers (Professor of Music) and Kerry McCarthy (Assistant Professor of Music) received a Visiting Artist Award ($12,000) from the Provost and the Council of the Arts, Duke University, 2010, for producing a concert of Monteverdi’s Vespers with the professional group Piffaro and various performing ensembles at Duke. Apparently Keesecker has actually been making music for more than 17 years but decided to go into...librarianing intstead. Durham, NC 27708t.defrantz@duke.edu, SLIPPAGE Residency Project: Experimental Black Art and Social Justice. 2014 Delinquent Tax List PERSONAL PROPERTY BOLIVAR CORPORATION Afshar Parisa T 55.10 Alkire Dale 33.80 Bolivar-Harpers Ferry 217.06 Brown Paul A Jr 87.49 Buracker Cheryl K 113.83 Buracker Chris 141.41 Buracker Sarah K 113.83 Butts Scott Lyle 508.41 Canal House Cafe 130.37 Carroll Robin L 75.20 Clarke William & Hannah 293.17 Courtney & Sons Towing … Performed by Tanya Wideman, Thaddeus Davis, Petra Morgan, Maria Maccaroni, John Green II, and Jade Curtis. He enjoys working with music and sound, exploring both the musical and the noisy qualities of each. Contact Information. Home > About > Duke University Libraries Staff Directory > Jamie Keesecker, Ph.D. Photo courtesy of Jamie Keesecker. This summer, for the first time in three years, Duke librarian Jamie Keesecker started composing The culprit? 267-753-5352 Ameena Hime. Tanya Wideman-Davis. 484-875-3958 Raphaella Burg. Luckily, they had a music composer on staff, librarian Jamie Keesecker, who was working from home while caring for his three-year-old daughter.