Regus isn’t just a virtual office space company, they’re also an actual office space company. The office is located directly in the center of Prague (Capital of the Czech Republic).In the same area, you can have a breakfast from 20 EUR in the hotel or lunch menu for two persons for 10 EUR (but of course not directly in the tourist area, you have to know where to find it).... To be frank for my startup I can hardly imagine better place for better price....I also had one issue with Regus invoicing, because they charged me twice for beverages. If you are looking for a space to rent or a place where mail can be delivered, look elsewhere! My job is to manage the front office reception and to fulfill the clients requirement. Something flexible, but affordable. Sandra has not gotten back to me so far. For example, I was paying $59 a month … I was excited at first to sign up for a remote office space. I can not recommend this company. I was overcharged by almost $600.00. The Customer Service rep told me that this looks like an IT issue and they would have to log a ticket. I know they will refuse to revoke the charge. It has been down for almost six months, and they don't show any signs that they even care to fix it. Can't use something when cases are rising! I requested them to sign me up for the automatic payment of my monthly bills.On Nov 1st, 2017 they increased my monthly payment to $67.60(4% increase from $65 to $67.60) without any notice.On Nov 1st, 2018 they auto-renewed my contract and increased my monthly payment to $85.00 (26% increase from $67.60 to $85.00).I would like to point out if you read their “Virtual office house rule” document under section 28 “Annual Indexation” it clearly states that rent increase should be CPI(Consumer price index) or 4% whichever is greater. Their immediate presumption was that I was wrong and they'd just dismiss me. Regus Virtual Offices Reviews About Regus Virtual Offices Growing companies expanding into other states as well as other countries often find that setting up offices at each new location is quite expensive. And definitely don't believe the words of whatever bot responds to this.Their agreement and house rules (incorporated by reference into your agreement) are more deceptive than a credit card agreement, with every rule and clause excusing them from any shred of liability whatsoever. Today, I had to call again regarding a different issue. The company has thousands of locations worldwide and an easy-to-use app that lets you book workspaces and meeting rooms with ease. Consumers complaining about Regus most frequently mention customer service, office space and credit card problems. They have over 1,000 offices … I have never worked with a company that found so many ways (i.e. Build your presence fast, anywhere in the world. I use my own equipment, and all I do is plug a powerstrip into an outlet. I paid for a month contract (30 days) for $355. Having complained about this matter with the center team for months, I was basically told "too bad, so sad" by an indifferent staff.Trying to contact anyone with their customer service is near impossible. DON"T DO IT! Thank you for your patience as However, we recommend thoroughly going over your contract before signing. I was overcharged around $5000 that took 4 months to correct and my latest invoice is for my November rent that I paid 2 weeks ago. My rental space had what appeared to be a coffee capsule full of grounds spilled on the carpet and smudges on the walls, but they want to charge me $300 to put it back to the condition I found it. Last thing for now: the email address the kind person left is a dud. I have informed NJ consumer affairs about my experience, and I will let them make the final call.Let me recap one more time so everyone is on the same pageOn Nov 1st, 2016: I started a 2(two) year agreement for a $65 monthly payment.On Nov 1st, 2017: The monthly payment was increased to $67.60(4% increase from $65 to $67.60)On Nov 1st, 2018: The contract was auto renewed, and the monthly payment was increased to $85.00 (26% increase from $67.60 to $85.00).I agree there is 4% annual indexation in Regus contract terms and conditions but my questions to Regus are:1) How did you come up with the $85 monthly payment that you started charging me from Nov 1st, 2018? I had been hopeful that finally someone was going to provide customer service when "Sara Melody" responded on this site but not to my actual email. Thanks in advance! Hopefully reviewing on a public forum will generate a response. While you can use the communal kitchen, things like tea and coffee will cost you extra. Atlanta, GA 30361-6322. Plus, you can use the business address, communal kitchen, and printer. Complaints & Reviews. However I saw a 3rd $355 payment on my bank statement which is illegal. RUN AWAY. Regus ranks … Start checking the messages customers send you. They make you sign this contract for services but literally EVERYDAY, there is a new charge for something frivolous that should be included in the fees YOU ALREADY PAY! Just stay away. Please specify if it’s there in the terms and conditions.3) Where in the contract’s terms and conditions (Please specify the term) that entitles Regus to increase the monthly payment by 26% when my contract came for auto-renewal?Let’s say for argument purpose there is no price gouging or fraud involved in my case then Regus needs to answer the above questions. Atlanta Sterling Pointe is by far the worst run business in America - I get emails all the time for late payment they are on auto-draft - it's there incompetent personnel that screws it up. Read complaint about Regus 445 Park Ave, New York, NY. It still shows as unpaid even though Regus received the money from my account and even sent a receipt. And of course, they just charged me $244 for November. Regus UK have 93% one star reviews from 457 customers over the last 12 months. I am being Harassed by regus about multiple accounts I never set up. But based on my complain, they issued the credit note. I do understand that a wait is to be expected, but, these are extremely extensive waits, and 2 of the 3 calls disconnected prior to the issue resolution. The only way you get a response from anyone with Regus is to threaten to report them for their questionable business practices or to post negative reviews on sites like Yelp or Trustpilot. The email responses from them sound like they haven’t read what I’ve said, and instead like they were formed by AI. 22 reviews of Regus California 425 Market Street Center "Need an office? What is happening is that Regus is charging me a "Restoration Fee" to restore my workspace to its original configuration. I tried emailing Sandra directly on Monday, but haven't heard anything back. It is true that IT and accounting services could be improved (so I deleted one star). If you only want a one-year contract it will cost $229 per month, and if you want a six-month contract, you will pay $242 per month. They also have a TON of turnover of staff, which is always a red flag. We were told that we could go in the office at any time but it would be at our own risk and REGUS … This is the only way I can get a response…, Do NOT rent from Regus - hidden charges and inaccessible, Price corresponds to the quality of services, Unprofessional and service team does not respond. Privacy Policy | Terms | Do Not Sell My Personal Information, Professional receptionist to greet any walk-in customers, Use the address on your company documents, website, business cards, or web listings, Scans and sends a copy of your mail or double-check if a critical piece of mail has arrived, Local phone number and live professional receptionist to answer you calls in your company's name, Free use of business lounges in 3,000 locations worldwide, Manage your account and book meeting rooms and day offices through the app at a 10 percent discount, Use private office space for up to two days per month for free to work, meet clients or have interviews (U.S. customers only), Office comes fully furnished with desks and chairs. I signed up for a 10-day agreement which makes you pay two months upfront because that's their system and policy. FAX? I reached out to a customer service rep by email on Nov 5th and still have not received a response. Add review, get directions, working hours, contacts. Second review in 2 weeks: I received a response from customer service head on this site who said they would try to resolve my outrageous billing issues and I responded with a direct email. A Fledgling Company As a new business, we needed an office space. Hell no. What?! It also receives a TrustScore of 3.8 out of 5 based on 4,414 reviews … We're on a mission to empower consumers to make the best decisions This company is an absolute nightmare! Regus is quick to take your money. No one from customer support will get back to me. The agreement auto-renewed after its term since you did not terminate it. I don't think anyone at the center has stayed for more than about a year. There is no Sandra Melody in Regus. By the way, they nickel and dime you on the way out of your agreement.I'm sorry to be ending my involvement with them this way. Don’t lie to customers. The entire ordeal cost over 6,000.00 dollars including mis … I called in the morning and waited an hour and 1/2. If they can simply cancel or reverse the transactions then it will be okay as I temporarily have the money back. Virtual Offices. To know more about the Small claims court case details that I sued Regus, please check out my case #: SC-467-19 which happened on 05/07/2019 in Middlesex county small claims court, NJ. Don't waste your elsewhere. I rent 2 office spaces - one with Regus and one with Colliers International. The benefits you get with this plan are mail handling services and a professional business address. And, of course, there has been no response. 2nd update:"Sandra Melody'"You did not even bother to read my updated question below.By the way, earlier this week, I already requested on the portal that someone needs to call me back asap. I went to the Regus site online to request that someone get in touch with me. The first tier is Professional Address. Interestingly enough, I got a response right away when I did.For the past several months my center operated with a near nonexistent staff. They put additional, hidden charges on the monthly bill, that require actively opting out. When a big corporation takes advantage of people, I get angry. I was contacted later on the same day as my original post with the same song and dance everyone else is getting. When I call, the bottom tier customer service is all I get, and they are as frustrated as I am. The second tier is Regus' most popular product, the Virtual Office plan. I wanted to share my experience that I had with Regus. Regus believes in giving businesses unlimited choices, flexibility, and access to bright, inspiring workspaces. accuracy of the information on this page. This plan includes the following benefits: The final plan Regus offers for Virtual Offices is the Virtual Office Plus plan. These guys are trying to get every dollar out of their customers and are doing them unfairly. Don't waste you money on this company - I promise you, you will regret it! I moved out on September 30, 2020, and I am still fighting this. And for companies looking to create disruption in this very clear, REGUS is an easy mark! These companies find they can save money simply by renting a Regus virtual office. This is best suited for those who plan on using a private office to meet clients and hold interviews. While you'll save more money in the long run with a longer contract, you might end up with a hefty cancellation fee if you need to end the contract early. No communication. REGUS SUCKS. Regus is the perfect office … Too hard, apparently. I finally had enough of their crap and reported them to the state attorney general's office for what can only be seen as deceptive business practices. Regus — Virtual office service. CPI in 2017 was less than 3%.I reached out to their office manager in March 2019 and asked them to cancel my contract. While all companies have some type of fee, many customers feel Regus was not completely upfront with them regarding the additional costs and fees. Regus … Our company rented a small office from Regus from mid December 2018 to the end of January 2019. I sued Regus in the small claims court in Middlesex County, NJ and came out of the contract. If an increase of 26% is not price gouging, then I don’t know what would constitute price gouging. I signed up for a two-year contract for a … Regus is unfavorably reviewed across the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Trustpilot and Facebook. This company misrepresented themselves completely. Even when things were allowed to open by the government, they kept the center unstaffed or understaffed. Slow to admit a mistake and even slower to send un-earned funds back. I started a virtual office service on Nov 1st, 2016 at their Knightsbridge location at Piscataway, NJ. It feels like a total scam. The persons claiming to listen and resolve problems from Regus in reply to reviews are all fake. I wanted to share my experience that I had with Regus. Regus mobile app helps you to find the best Office Spaces, Co-working and Virtual Offices across 120 countries. During the time if dispute, they took their fraudulent “restoration fee” out of my deposit, and have decided they are finished with this account. Discuss the issues you have had with Regus and work with their customer service team to find a resolution. There was no price gouging or fraud since you were informed about these prices. Cons No annual raises unless you get promoted, simple tasks take a few days to resolve, and simple requests … Did they offer any sort of discount for no service? I called my bank and they started a fraud investigation on this company. It was processed on Sept 2 and it is now Sept 14 - No refund. Each time, I've had to take time out of my busy schedule to fight with them that they were in error. They take no responsibility when things go wrong and expect you to remain in your agreement no matter how bad a job they do at living up to their end.Stay away from this awful company. It leases virtual offices to business owners who need things like a business address, a place to occasionally meet with clients, and a … We have not received any invoices because the email used to set up the account is inactive and any past information inaccessible so I don't know our account number. You can expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $100+ per hour (depends on your location, availability, and more). I finally resorted to disputing the charges through our bank and thought that would take care of the issue. I cancelled this service nearly 8-months ago because they have extremely poor customer care, but they are still billing my card! Are you a representative of this company? Nothing was done to set this up for me. A Fledgling Company As a new business, we needed an office space. This is on top of the fact that I currently have the most expensive package with regus. I also reported Regus to NJ consumer affairs for involvement in price gouging.Update on 11/16/2019: Thanks for acknowledging that you are able to identify my account. If you want to shorten your contract length to a year or six months, you can expect to pay more per month. When choosing a Virtual Office plan or Office Workspace, keep in mind that Regus shows the prices based on a 24-month contract. is trying to work directly with this company to verify the I emailed Regus and complained about two wrong charges for my office … Since you didn’t refute my timeline and the monthly payments that I paid it confirms that we both agree on these things.It’s interesting to see how you are dodging a simple straight forward claim that I am making that Regus is fraudulently increasing its customer's monthly payment at will (in my case 26% increase) when the contract gets auto-renewed without customers approval or without signing a new agreement. Yesterday, I called in the afternoon. Our virtual offices are available in every major town and city worldwide, so you can represent your business professionally and maximize every opportunity. They will waste your time as they make all kinds if excuses for not refunding the hidden charges to your account. Also, every year they raise prices by like 12%, even this year, after the center was shut down for several months due to COVID and you STILL cannot go in to pick up your mail except during a small window in the morning. Review collected by and hosted on I understand the 30 day advanced notice policy, but to not get any replies or follow-ups to my repeated requests to cancel my membership is beyond frustrating. They are dishonest and inaccessible to the client. Alliance Virtual Offices is a small business solution that provides an office address, local or toll-free telephone number, live receptionist and meeting rooms in your company name. I think that the comments that I read against Regus are not complete. Any phone numbers I have found online either ring continuously or disconnect me. The worst part is the hidden “restoration fee” that they charge. No Restoration needs to performed at all. And if you read the message, try to actually comprehend what the issue is rather than blowing it off. we make sure we’re getting it right. He manages to bring the whole office together and make it feel like a community. Of course, the chance of that happening is probably slim to none. Find the best Virtual Offices company for you. It was very positive up until now.UPDATE; It appears as if Regus only responds to queries that posted online. Choose your new virtual … Repeated attempts to contact Customer Service have been blown off or ignored completely. The billing errors seem to be intentional, hoping the customers get frustrated and give up. Small businesses and firms like mine rely heavily on such a service to function both in and out of the office. You can also reserve a meeting room (whether you need it for an interview or to host a meeting), but this benefit isn't included in the tiered Virtual Office plans. I started a virtual office service on Nov 1st, 2016 at their Knightsbridge location at Piscataway, NJ. This was my first time dealing with this company and I should’ve read the reveled. The website is not user friendly and impossible to navigate in paying invoices. Regus Mailbox Plus. and connect confidently with companies that deserve their business. rights reserved You can also easily establish a business address for your company and start building your brand. Went through the cancellation process but the system wouldn’t cancel my membership until the end of November. This plan comes with many of the same benefits as the Virtual Office plan. Never ever recommend Regus to anyone. Then they overcharge and you literally cannot get it back unless you speak with someone. Read my review from October 20. Regus has a consumer rating of 1.11 stars from 84 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Regus’ “Virtual Office” packages are, on average, 15 % more expensive than the Pacific Workplaces “V-Office” Package, while the V-Office Plan of Pacific Workplaces is significantly more flexible than the … I rented office (of course shared with other people) for approximately 10 EUR per day including beverages and possibility to reserve free separated meeting room for 2 hours per day. In my opinion, increasing my monthly payment by 26% is price gouging. I wanted to share my experience that I had with Regus. While most amenities are included in the cost of an office space, there are some things you'll have to pay extra for. They refused to cancel and told me that I have a contract with them till Oct 31st, 2020. You initially signed a 2-year agreement with us and received a 4% annual indexation after 12 months, as mentioned in your terms & conditions. There are a lot of commercial real estate and virtual office options out there. Regus has a global network of business centers where you can choose from over 3000 business addresses. I then cancelled it 2 days later (I put in my 30 day notice). Sandra Melody’s claim that she is unable to locate my account is not true. Regus Virtual Office. I signed a month-to-month agreement and a couple weeks into my membership, my personal situation changed. They can penalize me now - but they have lost me as a customer for life. Regus Review: Stay Away! The response time in addressing issues including contract promises, overcharged invoices, and reaching a competent person over the phone is unprofessional and frustrating. This sounds like a scam to me. If you decide to use an office space from Regus, You can expect the following amenities: All utilities, cleaning, maintenance, and security costs are included. Their communication is dreadful, the service is deplorable and they do nothing but make false promised lies and steal. Regus … Then I saw a $231.00 charge on my bank which is also illegal. contract loopholes) to separate you from your money. Frankie goes above and beyond to make sure all our needs are met and then some! Please do SOMETHING to improve your Customer Service.This review is regarding Customer Service only. We are in a pandemic and Regus will not cancel services! Why not just charge me the next month for the difference? I wanted to share my experience that I had with Regus. I tried the local office in Roseville, CA where we had some meetings and they said they can't give out any corporate numbers. Definitely a waste of money but according to your sales rep “regus will gladly take my $$$”...I need to know if Regus plans on charging any more additional fees? This is not acceptable. For an hour? I started a virtual office service on Nov 1st, 2016 at their Knightsbridge location at Piscataway, NJ. The automated responses that they continue to send, and the lack of attention to the condition of the office when I moved in, is appalling. Our virtual offices are available in every major town and city worldwide, so you can represent your business professionally and maximise every opportunity. So if you’re looking for a provider that prioritizes physical locations, Regus is a good bet. My billing nightmare continues- Regus/Spaceworks removed one incorrect invoice and then reversed it after a few days. I will not be reserving any more office space for the month of November even though I already paid for 10 days. Customer Service advised that I needed to cancel the membership before the end of the month otherwise I would get charged for November. I wanted to share my experience that I had with Regus. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. I signed up for a two-year contract for a monthly payment of $65.00. I am therefore posting this update. This is ideal for clients in need of a professional presence. Lost equipment during pandemic lockdown in Regus Ascott Centre and they don't care. Just recently they begin working fulltime hours again. For a few months? Please don’t persist on trying to … Many consumers feel that Regus is not entirely transparent regarding additional costs and fees, so they ended up paying more than they expected. I signed up for a two-year contract for a … Signed up for a membership because I needed a private office for a few days. In my opinion Regus has collection practices which are unfriendly to consumers particularly small business. I signed up in Oct 15th for a month to month contract. Please have someone contact me so we can get this settled. Sara did not respond and is most likely a bot. The basic two are a professional address for mail handling and telephone answering service, available separately or … For example, if you choose a location in New York for your virtual office space, you will pay $216 per month with a two-year contract. Due to COVID-19 office hours for Regus as well as staff was limited to a few days a week and 2 hours per day. Lots of PTOs and banker's holidays, daily interaction with clients, opportunities to see different locations, and Regus is a great way to get your foot in the door. Phone number: 917-322-2100. It will not only help me understand but will also help your current and future Regus customers to understand your pricing structure so they can make a well-informed due diligent decision.I hope Regus did not discriminate just me based on my race and increased the monthly payment by 26%. Literally anything would be more customer-friendly. Clients can easily use the space for however long they need. After waiting an hour, the call was answered, and then disconnected. Finally, their smartphone app and MyRegus website no longer have a functional call divert option. The BBB gives it an F rating for failing to respond to four complaints filed by Regus customers. I have been jerked around for over a month in canceling my membership, as it cannot be done through website as all the documentation suggests. Choose your new virtual … Use this comments board to leave complaints and reviews about Regus. Nov 09, 2020. Even slightly better service would be a win, for a new company willing to come into this market! Mercedes is also better than Škoda (typical czech car), but it is also more expensive. Colliers are great, really flexible and supportive, whereas Regus is the complete opposite - no flexibility with anything and … Virtual office options: Regus offers four virtual office options. Though my issue is still not resolved, I will not wait another hour and 1/2 to speak with someone. I submitted a claim to the BBB, and haven’t heard back, but I would NEVER recommend this company. This company is greedy and will not help out with concerns about health! This is not over. © 2020 LLC - All How about just a conference room or a lounge? With very little effort, you can win business from this company because of the poor way they treat their customers! But, now my son (who set up the account and had it recurring on his cc) has gotten a threatening call that our account is being sent to a third party collection agency. Of course, nobody ever did.And, I already sent "you" an email at the address you provided. All of these are available, on plans to fit nearly any budget. Virtual Offices. Also, they seem to have a problem with temperature control (being too hot or too cold) and their kitchens need improvement. The company recently changed its due date of payments without consulting clients. Posting this far and wide.After weeks of correspondence, and a response that resulted from this review, I’m even more disappointed. I hope my experience helps other business owners who are stuck with them.A point to note this company Regus systematically breaks the contract by raising the payment more than 4% annually without any tenant authorization and they increase the payment at will. I cannot believe in 2020 it is so difficult for them to manage invoicing and payments. It is a Business Centre (MNC) where we provide flexible work space around the globe. That’s no big deal, makes sense.So last week I logged in to cancel my membership. I have been trying to cancel our account since March and have not been able to get through to anyone who can help me. DO NOT RENT FROM REGUS! I had to call again and had to wait another hour to speak with someone. So, my next question is: since Regus will not return my Retainer fee to me until 30 days AFTER my agreement cancellation, why do I have to pay a Restoration fee a month before the end of my agreement when they clearly can't "Restore" anything until I am actually gone?