RELATED: Seinfeld's 10 Darkest Episodes, Ranked. In the pilot episode of Seinfeld, Jerry decorates his living room with a large, gray leather couch. The geographic legacy of Seinfeld spans the entire city of New York, but Jerry's apartment is ground zero. While they do spend a lot of time sharing food and drinks at their beloved diner, everyone, eventually, reconvenes at Jerry's. A fairly consistent, iconic dwelling, the layout of 129 W 81st Street has been examined and assessed by television fans all over the world. (Not for "regifters") This truly authentic recreation of Jerry's apartment … The couch acts as a divider between the living room and dining area, where a small circular table sits. In other episodes, it contains fewer books and more sports memorabilia. […] definitely a little dated. Rather, it was an “everyday” apartment in New York city. Why is this? The other parts of the apartment double as a Seinfeld museum, where you can see other iconic props and things from the series (like, The Tweety Bird Pez). Your email address will not be published. To commemorate such a momentous occasion, break out the Festivus pole a little early and then check out what e-design company Modsy imagined Jerry’s apartment would look like today with some modern updates. Jerry's neighbor and nemesis Newman also has a rotating apartment number and location. In addition to the classic car artwork and sneakers by the door, we also snuck in his famous fur coat, fusilli Jerry pasta statue, and tacked a few Superman goodies on the fridge. While the days of VHS are long behind us, Jerry displays quite an eclectic and diverse VHS selection on the show, located on the bookcase behind his dining table. Instead of making the actors pull themselves up from soft, cushy furniture they sink into, harder furniture allowed them to jump up with ease. It's unknown exactly why Jerry has different decor in subsequent episodes, but the blue denim couch and matching chair are much more aesthetically pleasing than a 1980s leather couch. Seinfeld was filmed in front of a studio audience, and the limited view of Jerry's apartment his fans are used to seeing kept television viewers from catching glimpses of the audience and/or the empty studio. Doing this avoided awkward transitions from the furniture to a standing position. You are excellent designers, and I cannot wait to start my new home office with you. Jerry is the hero. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Between Elaine's job and apartment jumping, George's laziness, and Kramer's constant redecorating schemes, Jerry's apartment serves as the reliable landing spot for these nutty New Yorkers. Directed by Tom Cherones. Additionally, Kramer’s 2018 apartment features a box of his favorite,,, Yada Yada Yada – Reimagining the Seinfeld Apartment for 2018. Moving Made Easy – 5 Home Design Tips to Simplify Your Summer Move, My Modsy Story: Making A Small Living Room Work For My Family Of Five, This is what the Seinfeld apartment would look like in 2018 – Hack 2 live, Veja como seria o apartamento de Jerry Seinfeld em 2018 – VMG Design. Time flies when you’re doing nothing, or watching a show about nothing as the case may be. Required fields are marked *. Elaine Benes’ apartment is featured in some episodes. Some of our favorite Elaine easter eggs? The sets for Jerry's apartment and Monk's Cafe were put in cold storage at the Warner Brothers Museum, and later brought out for the much talked about reunion show on season 7 of Curb Your Enthusiasm.After a long restoration process, the sets were reconstructed on Stage 9 once again, though many new changes … The townhouse that was used as the exterior for Elaine Benes’ apartment on “Seinfeld” has just hit the real-estate market in New York City for $8.65 million. Interestingly, the pop-up apartment isn't on the Upper West Side, but a few miles south … Fans love to locate and highlight inconsistencies in their favorite shows, and many have written about Jerry's rotating apartment number. Rumor has it every episode of the show includes a reference to something pertaining to the world of Superman. Additionally, Kramer’s 2018 apartment features a box of his favorite cigars, Assman license plate, his priceless self portrait, and his screen door addition. And what would George Costanza’s apartment be without a few fun memories? The reason? Not one to frequent Crate & Barrel or Pottery Barn, we imagined Kramer swinging into a thrift store for an orange papasan chair (his favorite place to recline after a long indoor hot tub soak) or picking up a vintage trunk coffee table on the side of the road. New York, New York: Jerry Seinfeld's Apartment Exterior-only filmed apartment building for the TV sitcom's lead character, 1991-1998. Maybe it’s the result of a design-savvy girlfriend (or an interior designer he hired to impress a girlfriend).