Worst service. I just need my refund that's it, beacuse I paid for Diet coke. ive sim issue dont have access to order number but done thru reg no. Even a thelawala is faster than you. but @swiggy_in has dumb employers working under them and responding to tweets which have zero credibility. @swiggy_in what kind of service are you providing? @swiggy_in @Cryptic_Miind Responding to the troll pages which is mocking Indian Finance Minister right in it's DP. Linked accounts on @swiggy_in @GooglePayIndia @Paytm disabled #hdfc . @swiggy_in @SwiggyCares swiggy is delivering wrng orders n nt evn listning to the issues. Unnecessarily getting involved in political issues. Honestly stop wasting salary on human employees and hire a automated bot company. @timesprime I know you guys are only looting to your customers, zomato is far better than swiggy. @swiggy_in worst service received wrong order I want my refund order no.89566427685 refund me ??? Rent have lowered, but not by a lot, @SRPasula This has happened with both my orders today. So i received wrong/diff i…. Ordered a Pizza on 6thNov from Domino's using Swiggy. We have different flows from where we fire install request for HelpCentre on-demand module. Unnecessarily getting involved in political issues. We have successfully shipped the HelpCentre and Support Section as a dynamic feature module in the Swiggy Daily App. This has happened with both my orders today. I am trying to reach Swiggy but there is no customer care number. @swiggy_in @SwiggyCares guys can u discuss the issue with me because u need to support ur partners. Honestly stop wasting salary on human employees and hire a automated bot company. Our order was spilled and had no cap on it.We had our worst experience with Swiggy today. Unnecessarily getting involved in political issues. My phone was not ringing due to some technical issue. i am NEVER ordering from swiggy again! @chintan20 @swiggy_in @Cryptic_Miind @harshamjty @nandanreddy @Vivek_Sunder @SwiggyCares @swiggy These scoundrels are wasting time here on Twitter engaging in parody and trolling how will they have time to respond to customers and resolve issues...with pathetic service. #swiggy, @dominos_india @swiggy_in Waiting for my order since 1.5 hours. @swiggy_in pathetic experience today morning with Swiggy. @SwiggyCares @swiggy_in @SwiggyCares @nandanreddy @harshamjty As usual there is no resolution even after 20 hrs. Or total shutdown..? Complaint raised and lot information needed from Swiggy no reply from partner service, @rathin_shah7 A new order was placed by Swiggy at **:**PM. Two of my orders have shown delivered, but I didn’t receive any. #swiggyservice #Mumbai, @Rakesh37788218 @rishibagree Restaurant will now issue the refund. You can call Swiggy at +91 124 600 0660 phone number, write an email, fill out a contact form on their website www.swiggy.com, or write a letter to Bundl Technologies Pvt Ltd, Tower D, 9th Floor, IBC Knowledge Park, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, 560029, India. Supr Daily is a subscription-based delivery service for daily consumable goods. With love and support from consumers, Swiggy expanded far and wide, first through the entire city of Bengaluru and then across the entire country. Very bad service! Swiggy's co-founder and CTO, Rahul Jaimini has quit the company. @af1c10nad0 @swiggy_in app is not working looks like production failed , 30 minutes and still not up this is poor tech. Swiggy - swiggy not refunding the amount paid for a order 82746395769 delivered unpacked exposed food parcel after nearly 3 hours delay. By law, we are required to ask your consent to show the content that is normally displayed here. @atharva_mehata Swiggy is India's largest and most valuable online food ordering and delivery platform. I was having a hard time to renew the membership. Airtel IQ aims to help businesses drive deeper customer engagement through seamless and secure communication delivered over cloud. RT @MadhavV5: @SwiggyCares @harshamjty @swiggy_in No one is responding to my Ticket no: 7973556.Issue pending since 14 days.Swiggy partne…, @MadhavV5 No update yet. companies usually don't tweet anything controversial or political directly, it is mostly the employees working under them. @swiggy_in @SwiggyCares When it comes to running a food business, food & health safety holds the topmost priority for an average consumer. @ziyaa___ We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you personalised advertising. i am NEVER ordering from swiggy again! No update yet. @swiggy_in @SwiggyCares @SwiggyCares @swiggy_in @SwiggyCares @nandanreddy @harshamjty As usual there is no resolution even after 20 hrs. @tousifsait786 @swiggy_in @SwiggyCares Dear Sir, we apologize for the inconvenience caused. @nspeaker30 @Ahmad_Aligarian @swiggy_in @Cryptic_Miind kitchen main aalu boya? Disappointed. Just go little deep into your own business and see what's happening down there! @swiggy_in @SwiggyCares Its been more than 12 days since the following request was made but there had been no support on the following issues. I gave a proper address as well. they are not just replying like "robot", @dagakrishna22 @AdlerusI @swiggy_in #swiggy order #89207581967 I applied Promocgode SWIGGYIT 30% discount, but at time of payment your internal IT glitch it didn't catch and charged me full amount of Rs 436, instead of Rs 322 approx. So i received wrong/diff i…, @Aveh40204042 Ordered at 8:05 PM and now I receive a call saying my order was sent to someone else !!! Founded in 2014, Swiggy is based out of Bangalore, India and, as of March 2019, was operating out of 100 Indian cities. Is this the new way of looting?